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R egard the gains of others as though they were your own. And regard the failings of others as your own failings.

translation of David K. Jordan 

P ity orphans and be compassionate to widows, respect the elderly and be kind to the young.

translation of David K. Jordan 

A ccumulate virtue and merits. Be compassionate towards all beings. Be loyal to your duties and always seek welfare and benefits not for yourself but for others. Be filial to your parents and kind to your brothers and sisters. Correct yourself and (then you can) reform others.


F ollow the path of virtue, and avoid the path of vice and evil. Do not follow evil paths, nor sin in secret.


B lessed is the man who speak what is good, who think what is good, who practice what is good. If but each single day he would persevere in these three ways of goodness, within three years Heaven will surely shower on him blessings.


I f a man’s heart be awakened to the good, though the good be not yet accomplished, good spirits verily are already following him.


T ai Shang (Lao Zi) says, ‘There are no special doors for calamity and happiness (in men’s lot); they come as men themselves call them. Their recompenses follow good and evil as the shadow follows the substance.


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