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The wisdom of Buddha Speaks the Mahayana, Infinite Life, Adornment, Purity, Impartiality, and Enlightenment Sutra

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A jita, you should know that doubt and delusion will do bodhisattvas great harm and cause them to lose great benefit. Therefore, you should understand and believe the supreme wisdom of all Buddhas.

Buddhism Quote n°8072 | 
Translated by Pure Land Translation Team. 

P eople in the world strive for things of little urgency. Amidst extreme evils and severe sufferings, they diligently work . . . dictated by their minds. . . . Whether they have or do not have, they worry.

Buddhism Quote n°8012 | 
Translated by Pure Land Translation Team. 

H e guarded well his verbal karmas and did not ridicule others’ faults. He guarded well his bodily karmas and did not transgress any precept or codes of behavior. He guarded well his mental karmas and kept himself pure and uncontaminated.

Buddhism Quote n°7839 | 
Translated by Pure Land Translation Team. 

B e filial to the Buddha and be constantly mindful of the teachers’ kindness. Let this teaching stay in this world for the longest time and do not let it die out. Firmly uphold it and do not let it be destroyed or lost.

Buddhism Quote n°7770 | 
Translated by Pure Land Translation Team. 

W herever the Buddha’s teachings are followed, be it in a country, a city, or a village, people will be transformed and will benefit. All the lands will be enveloped in peace and harmony. The sun and moon will shine clear and bright. Wind and rain will come when needed. Disasters and epidemics will not occur. The country will flourish and the people will enjoy peace. There will be no need for soldiers or weapons. Virtue will be revered and benevolence will be promoted. People will practice courtesy and humility. There will be no thieves or robbers in the country. There will be neither injustice nor resentment. The strong will not dominate the weak. Everyone will be treated equitably and get along harmoniously.

Buddhism Quote n°7734 | 
Translated by Pure Voices. Hong Kong. 

T he Thus Come One3 commiserates with the beings in the Three Realms with infinite great compassion. This is why he appears in the world: to expound Buddhist teachings and spread them everywhere, like light; to help all beings; and to bring true benefit to them.

Buddhism Quote n°7724 | 
Translated by Pure Land Translation Team. 
3 A title of the Buddha.

W hen I become a Buddha, all the beings born in my land will no longer discriminate. Their senses will be still and tranquil. If they do not definitely attain Supreme, Perfect Enlightenment and Great Nirvana, I will not attain perfect enlightenment.

Buddhism Quote n°7555 | 
The Buddha teaches the Great Vehicle, Infinite Life, Adornment, Purity, Impartiality, and Enlightenment Sutra, chap. 6 

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