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The wisdom of The Discourse on the Ten Wholesome Ways of Action

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R ealizing this, the wise perform, as they ought to, meritorious deeds; and by doing so, they attain in their birth skhandhas (aggregates), ayatanas (sphere of meeting or basis of consciousness), and dhatus (elements) of noble nature, and they are pleasing to the eye of those who look at them.

Buddhism Quote n°8747 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

A gain, please look at the Mahasattvas present here. How elegant and pure are their magnificent forms! This is due solely to the performance of good deeds.

Buddhism Quote n°8746 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

A gain, look at the eight species of devas, nagas, etc. All of them are powerful and influential beings, and their favourite birth is also due to the merit of their good deeds.

Buddhism Quote n°8745 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

D ifferent ways of thinking lead sentient beings to different kinds of action which in turn subjects them to rebirth in different states of existence.

Buddhism Quote n°8744 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

N ow, why they are called meritorious dharmas? Because they are fundamental religious duties, by practicing which all men, devas, Arhats, Pratyeka Buddhas, and Supremely Enlightened Buddhas attain their respective fruits. Therefore they are called meritorious dharmas.

Buddhism Quote n°8743 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

Y our Majesty, you should understand thoroughly the law of cause and effect and as a rule practise good deeds. Make this your constant study and practice and make all sentient beings to do likewise. Towards the Bhikshus (lit. the fields of merit), respect them, feed them, and rejoice at their holiness. For doing so, you are now respected by men and devas who make offering to you.

Buddhism Quote n°8742 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

N ow, Your Majesty, when you look at the body of a Buddha begotten by hundred thousand kotis of meritorious and virtuous deeds, you notice that every part of it is in magnificent form. Its splendor outshines that of the assembly . . .

Buddhism Quote n°8741 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

Y our Majesty, we should know this. There is one way for the Bodhisattva to annihilate all sufferings of evil existence. What is this one way? It is this; from day to night, remember constantly the meritorious dharmas, think of them and make observations on them, so that their impression becomes stronger and stronger in the mind and not the least evil thought can have a chance to mingle therein. Such a practice will enable one to free oneself for ever from evil deeds, to complete the work of meritorious dharmas and to have frequent opportunities to be in the presence of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other holy persons (for their teaching).

Buddhism Quote n°8740 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

N ow, Your Majesty, do you notice the variety of forms, colours and species in this congregation and in the sea? Are they not different from one another? Now, all these variations are due to the mind which is responsible for our bodily, oral, and mental acts of either meritorious or de-meritorious nature.

Buddhism Quote n°8739 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

A s to the mind itself, it is immaterial, unknowable, and ungraspable. It is nothing but a collection of phenomena, transient and delusive by nature. Categorically, things have no absolute existence of their own and there is neither a ‘self ’ nor concomitance of a ‘self.’ In accordance with their karma (deeds), things appear in various forms; but positively, there is no creator at the back of them. Hence all dharmas (things or phenomena) are above speech and concept, and their very own nature is phantom-like.

Buddhism Quote n°8738 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

T hese ten meritorious deeds will lead us to master completely the Dharmas . . . all men and devas maintain their footing upon these ten meritorious ways which form the principal base of all merits . . . Therefore all of you should practice them diligently.

Buddhism Quote n°8737 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

T hese meritorious dharmas are the ten meritorious deeds. What are they? They are:—abstinence forever from killing, stealing, unchaste conduct, lying, slandering, harsh language, frivolous talks, covetousness, anger, and heretical views.

Buddhism Quote n°8736 | 
Sutra Spoken by Buddha on the Way of Ten Meritorious Deeds, Tr. Wong Mou-Lam  

B ecause all beings have different consciousness and thoughts, they perform different actions and as a consequence there is the turning around (cycle of rebirth) in all the different courses of existence.

Buddhism Quote n°8008 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

Y et the mind is formless it cannot be grasped or perceived, but it is the unreal accumulation and arising of all dharmas which are ultimately without owner53, without I and mine54.

Buddhism Quote n°7958 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 
53 Owner, or master.
54 Mine, or my possession.

I t is like the towns and villages, they all depend on the great ground where they stand. All the herbs, grasses, flowers, trees, and woods also depend on the ground for their growth. With these ten wholesome ways of actions it is the same. All men and devas are established (in their human and deva nature) depending on them. The illumination of all the Shravakas, of all the Pratyekas, the way of the Bodhisattva, all Buddhadharmas they all are attained and come to fruition due to these ten wholesome great grounds.

Buddhism Quote n°7950 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

Y ou should know that these ten wholesome actions can lead up to the completion of the Ten Powers (of the Tathagata), of the (Four Kinds of) Fearlessness, of the Eighteen Dharmas that distinguish (the Buddha) and of all Buddhadharmas. You should therefore practice and train with diligence.

Buddhism Quote n°7949 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

Y ou again behold all these great Bodhisattvas of marvelous appearance, dignified and pure. All this comes into being entirely through the merit of cultivating wholesome actions. Again all the powerful ones like the eight classes of devas and dragons, and such like they also come into being because of the merits of wholesome actions.

Buddhism Quote n°7948 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

W hen you behold the body of the Buddha born from a hundred thousand of Kotis of merit, with all the marks adorned, the splendor of its radiance covering the whole of the great assembly.

Buddhism Quote n°7947 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

T he wise ones knowing this ought to cultivate wholesome actions. Through this the aggregates sense-bases and elements that will be given rise to, will all be upright and those who will see them will not grow tired of them.

Buddhism Quote n°7946 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

C onstantly, day and night, to recollect, to reflect on and to contemplate on the wholesome dharmas so as to cause the wholesome dharmas to increase from thought-moment to thoughtmoment, without allowing the least unwholesome thought to mingle in.

Buddhism Quote n°7872 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

W hat are these ten (wholesome dharmas) ? They are the ability to give up forever killing, stealing, wrong conduct, lying, slandering, harsh language, frivolous speech, lust, hate, and wrong views.

Buddhism Quote n°7850 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 

S peaking about wholesome dharmas, the bodies of men and devas, the Illumination of the Shravakas37, the Illumination of the Pratyekas38, and the Highest Illumination, they are all accomplished depending on these dharmas which are to be considered as fundamental. Therefore they are called wholesome dharmas. These dharmas are the ten wholesome ways of actions.

Buddhism Quote n°7849 | 
Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu. 
37 Shravaka: The Buddha’s disciples.(??:??????????????)
38 Pratyekas are said to achieve enlightenment on their own.(??/??:???????,???????????)

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