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The wisdom of The Sutra on Praise of the Pure Land and Protection by Shakyamuni

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I f good men or women of pure faith , having heard Amitayus Buddha’s name of innumerable, boundless and inconceivable merit s and also heard of the glorious adornments of the Land of Utmost Bliss , concentrate their thoughts on them with undistracted mind even for one day, two days, three, four, five, six or seven days, then, at the hour of death, Amitayus, surrounded by innumerable Shravaka disciples and Bodhisattvas, will appear before those good men or women and give them compassionate protection to keep their minds from falling into confusion. Thus, after death, following the Buddha Amitayus and his retinue, they will be born in his Pure Land of Utmost Bliss.

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Translated by Hisao Inagaki. 

A gain, Shariputra, sentient beings born in that land all dwell in the Stage of Non-retrogression, and will not fall again into an evil realm, be born in a border-land or in the state of debased people or mlecchas. They always enjoy visiting pure lands of other Buddhas. With their excellent vows and practice advancing and developing every moment, they will unfailingly realize the highest, perfect Enlightenment.

Buddhism Quote n°8061 | 
Translated by Hisao Inagaki. 

S hariputra, as I perceive that such blissful benefits are matters of great importance, I pronounce these words of truth: Good men and good women of pure faith who hear Amitayus64 Buddha’s name of inconceivable merits and also learn of the pure Buddha-land of Utmost Bliss should all receive [the teaching] in faith, arouse aspiration, practice the method as prescribed, and attain birth in that Buddhaland.

Buddhism Quote n°8030 | 
Translated by Hisao Inagaki. 
64 Amitayus: Amitabha.(????)

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