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The wisdom of The Imperial Edict of Emperor Yong Zheng

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T hrough practising the discourse of the Three Teachings, I come to realize they are equally good, even though on the surface they appear to be different, the nature of their principles is the same. They all have the same purpose in mind teaching and encouraging people to be good.

Confucianism 8752 | 
The Imperial Edict of Emperor Yong Zheng  

T he six Books of Chinese Classics are to educate the mass population. However, if one hopes to elevate one's spiritual realm, one must use the Buddhist scriptures as the guide. If all my people can adhere to the teaching of Confucianism and Buddhism and become honest, down-to-earth, and good-natured, the country will be at peace and I will have nothing more to worry about.

Confucianism 8751 | 
The Imperial Edict of Emperor Yong Zheng  

T he Buddha’s teaching of the ‘Five Precepts’ and the ‘Ten Virtuous’ leads people to goodness. The Confucian teaching of the ‘Five Moral Conducts and One Hundred Ways’ also induce, give incentive, and persuade people to be good. Is there any sacred teaching that does not lead people to do the same?

Confucianism 8750 | 
The Imperial Edict of Emperor Yong Zheng  

I f ten people in a village of one hundred families abide by the Five Precepts, we will have ten people who are friendly, kind, honest, cautious and respectful. In a region of one thousand families, if one hundred people abide by the Ten Good Conducts, we will have one hundred people live in harmony. If we apply this same principle to the whole nation where we may have a hundred million of households, we will have millions of virtuous people living in harmony. If we can practise one good conduct, one less evil will be committed. One less evil conduct means the elimination of one punishment. If each family reduces the crime rate by one, we can eliminate thousands and thousands of punishments. Yes, indeed, the country will be in peace and your Highness can sit on your throne without any worry.

Confucianism 8749 | 
The Imperial Edict of Emperor Yong Zheng  

A ll the Three Teachings (Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism) have the capacity to help people be enlightened in China because all Three Teachings derive from the same original source. Their teachings run parallel to each other, thus they do not conflict each other. It is only when people do not have thorough understanding that their minds become unclear and they have differences of opinion. The Taoists think Taoism is better than Buddhism is less esteemed. The Buddhists say Taoism is not as great as Buddhism. The Confucians exclude them both and claim they are not correct. Thus they contradict and compete with each other, each aiming to dominate over the other two. But they only find themselves in a tight contest.

Confucianism 8748 | 
The Imperial Edict of Emperor Yong Zheng  

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