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The wisdom of The Cultivation Guidelines for Pure Land School Practitioners

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D o Not Cultivate the Three Defilements Our every thought must avoid the three poisons and accord with purity (precepts), impartiality (meditative concentration) and proper understanding (wisdom).

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The Cultivation Guidelines for Pure Land School Practitioners  

T he Six Harmonies Harmony in having the same viewpoints Harmony in observing the same precepts Harmony in living together Harmony in speaking without conflict Harmony in experiencing Dharma bliss Harmony in sharing benefits

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The Cultivation Guidelines for Pure Land School Practitioners  

T he Ten Great Vows of Samantabhadra All Pure Land practitioners should respectfully cultivate the virtue of Samantabhadra: (1) respect all Buddhas, (2) praise Tathagata, (3) make offerings extensively, (4) repent karmic obstacles, (5) rejoice at others’ meritorious deeds, (6) request the turning of the Dharma wheel, (7) request the Buddha to remain in this world, (8) constantly follow the Buddha’s teachings, (9) accommodate all sentient beings, and (10) dedicate all merits universally. Emulate Samantabhadra and cultivate according to his great vows in thought after thought, endlessly and continuously without ceasing. My body, speech and mind will never tire of these deeds.

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The Cultivation Guidelines for Pure Land School Practitioners  

T he Six Paramitas that Bodhisattvas Cultivate Always cultivate the Paramitas of giving, precept observation, patience, diligence, meditative concentration, and wisdom. Teach and help all beings to abide in the way to supreme, perfect enlightenment.

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The Cultivation Guidelines for Pure Land School Practitioners  

T he Three Conditions in the Visualization Sutra The First Condition: Be filial and care and provide for parents, be respectful to and serve teachers, be compassionate and do not kill, and cultivate the Ten Virtuous Deeds. The Second Condition: Take the Three Refuges, abide by all precepts, and behave in a dignified and appropriate manner. The Third Condition: Generate the Bodhi mind, believe deeply in the law of cause and effect, recite and uphold the Mahayana sutras, and encourage others to advance on the path to enlightenment.

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The Cultivation Guidelines for Pure Land School Practitioners  

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