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Recognise all mankind whether Hindu or Muslims, as one. The same Lord is the Creator and Nourisher of all; Recognise no distinction among them. The monastery and the mosque are the same; So are the Hindu worship and the Muslim prayer. Men are all one.”

quote 8966  |   Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Guru Gobind Singh Ji  

T ruth is the highest of all virtues, but higher than truth is true conduct.

quote 8965  |   Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Guru Gobind Singh Ji  

T he fool indulges in sensual pleasures which in the end lead to pain. Easy and sinful life is the Cause of diseases.

quote 8964  |   Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Guru Gobind Singh Ji  

N either do I call myself good nor I see any one bad.

quote 8963  |   Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Guru Gobind Singh Ji  

I n this life our actions are the ink and mind the paper, We inscribe on it the two writings of good and evil.

quote 8962  |   Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Guru Gobind Singh Ji  

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