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The wisdom of Treatise of the Most Exalted One on Cause and Effect

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G reat fortune and blessings will certainly come your way if you do good deeds that are unknown to others!

Daoism 9059 | 

R emote rewards will be blessed upon your descendants.

Daoism 9058 | 

I mmediate rewards may be experienced personally.

Daoism 9057 | 

R efrain from all wrongdoings, and do all that is good.

Daoism 9056 | 

L et your words be pleasant to other people's mind.

Daoism 9055 | 

D o things according to morality.

Daoism 9054 | 

C ontribute money to help others succeed.

Daoism 9053 | 

E xpound the moral maxims to correct the faults of others.

Daoism 9052 | 

D o not say one thing but believe another.

Daoism 9051 | 

P ass in silence over evil and praise all that is good.

Daoism 9050 | 

A void those who are wicked, to prevent disasters and calamities in life.

Daoism 9049 | 

S eek the friendship of those who are good, they will help you practise virtue in body and soul.

Daoism 9048 | 

B e cautious with fire and do not burn mountains or forests.

Daoism 9047 | 

G ive tea and water to those who thirst.

Daoism 9046 | 

D onate medicines to alleviate the sufferings of the sick.

Daoism 9045 | 

R eproduce and distribute scriptures, build and repair temples.

Daoism 9044 | 

B e magnanimous to your servants, it is not appropriate to be overly demanding.

Daoism 9043 | 

B e honest and fair in doing business, do not take more or give less than what you should.

Daoism 9042 | 

I f the harvest fails, provide for your neighbours and friends.

Daoism 9041 | 

I f your family is relatively wealthy, extend a helping hand to your relatives.

Daoism 9040 | 

R espect the elderly, and help the destitute.

Daoism 9039 | 

B e compassionate towards the desolate, and help the abandoned.

Daoism 9038 | 

A bide by the three teachings (Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism).

Daoism 9037 | 

F ulfill your four obligations (to parents, teachers, country and fellow mankind).

Daoism 9036 | 

B e loyal to your superiors, filial to your parents, respectful to your elders and siblings, and sincere to your friends.

Daoism 9035 | 

S erve your country and the people with compassion.

Daoism 9034 | 

B e honest as the Heavens in conducting your affairs.

Daoism 9033 | 

H elp all beings, sentient or not; practice goodness and accumulate merit.

Daoism 9032 | 

P ractise benevolence wherever you find the opportunity, and let your good deeds go unnoticed.

Daoism 9031 | 

H e who wishes to increase his fortune must lay its foundation on the bottom of his heart.

Daoism 9030 | 

L ord Superior Wen Chang Tract of the Quiet Way ??????? Rescue those in difficulty. Relieve those in distress. Be compassionate towards the desolate. Forgive the wrongs of others.

Daoism 9029 | 

U nfortunate is the man who speaks, thinks and commits evil. If a person practises these three ways of evils daily, the Heavens will punish him with misfortunes within three years.

Daoism 9028 | 

B lessed is he who speaks, thinks and practises goodness. If a person practises these three ways of goodness daily, the Heavens will bestow blessings on him within three years.

Daoism 9027 | 

H e who has committed evil deeds must repent and change. If he ceases wrongdoing and practises goodness, he will gradually obtain blessings, thus turning misfortune into blessing.

Daoism 9026 | 

I f a persons intention is evil, although he has yet to commit any evil deeds, malevolent spirits are already following him.

Daoism 9025 | 

I f a persons intention is good, although he has yet to do any good deeds, benevolent spirits are already accompanying him.

Daoism 9024 | 

F or all those sins, the life expectancy of the evil-doer is reduced in proportion to the gravity of his offence, and dies when his life is thus exhausted. If there is remainder to the wages of his sins after his death, his descendants will suffer.

Daoism 9023 | 

T hey harm children, abort the unborn, and commit clandestine misdeeds.

Daoism 9022 | 

T hey curse themselves and others, and are partial in their love and hatred.

Daoism 9021 | 

I f the husband is always boastful of himself, the wife will become jealous.

Daoism 9020 | 

A s husbands, they do not get along with their wives; as wives, they do not respect their husbands.

Daoism 9019 | 

A s husbands, they are neither faithful nor good. As wives, they are neither gentle nor reasonable.

Daoism 9018 | 

T hey are quarrelsome amongst their family.

Daoism 9017 | 

T hey slander others but feign honesty; they rail at the gods and claim to be righteous.

Daoism 9016 | 

T hey are hypocritical.

Daoism 9015 | 

T hey abandon the old things when they get new things.

Daoism 9014 | 

T hey incite disputes and lawsuits within a party.

Daoism 9013 | 

T hey blame the gods and other people, and rail against the winds and rains.

Daoism 9012 | 

T hey oppress and threaten their subordinates.

Daoism 9011 | 

T hey overindulge in pleasure.

Daoism 9010 | 

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