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T he wise Lord gives to his beloved mankind to my people, O Lord the gift of joy which comes from truth and strength. All men will unite in defence of your teaching and in defence of those who are mindful of your hymns.

Zoroastrianism 7721 | 
Yasna 43:14 

L et all those who do good deeds come together to foster Mother Earth. God and Truth speak the language of revelation that comes from the highest mind from the beginning have you been the teacher.

Zoroastrianism 7720 | 
Yasna 51:3 

T o them, the Pure Mind, who is united in God, through his power replied: associate closely with Truth. Be good and unite with Right-Mindedness. Hold fast unto them.

Zoroastrianism 7719 | 
Yasna 32:2 

U nfold Yourself within me, O Lord. Grant me strength of character through Right-Mindedness. Through the holiest spirit, O Lord, grant me goodness as a reward for prayer. Grant me a life full of vigour through Truth, and may the pure Mind look after me.

Zoroastrianism 7718 | 
Yasna 33:12 

T herefore, O Zarathushtra! . . .
Make thy own self pure, O righteous man! any one in the world here below can win purity for his own self, namely, when he cleanses his own self with good thoughts, words, and deeds.

Zoroastrianism 7717 | 
Vendidad, Fargard 10 (chap. 10), sec.18-19 

T hen Zarathushtra said: Reveal unto me that name of thine, O Ahura Mazda! that is the greatest, the best, the fairest, the most effective, the most fiend-smiting, the best-healing, that destroyeth best the malice of Daevas and Men . . .
Ahura Mazda replied unto him: My name is the One of whom questions are asked, O holy Zarathushtra! . . .
My fourth name is Perfect Holiness. . . .
My seventh name is the One with understanding. . . .
My eleventh name is He who produces weal. My twelfth name is AHURA (the Lord). My thirteenth name is the most Beneficent. My fourteenth name is He in whom there is no harm. . . .
My seventeenth name is the All-seeing One. My eighteenth name is the healing One. My nineteenth name is the Creator. My twentieth name is MAZDA (the All-knowing One). . . .
I am the Keeper; I am the Creator and the Maintainer; I am the Discerner; I am the most beneficent Spirit. . . .

Zoroastrianism 7716 | 
Khorda Avesta, Chapter title: Ohrmazd Yasht (Hymns to Ahura Mazda) 

W hoso, out of his respect for Spitama Zarathushtra, rejoices in whole humankind, (that man) is worthy of high esteem. May Ahura Mazda grant him long life. May Conscience develop his realms. Rectitude regards him as a good friend. ()

Zoroastrianism 7713 | 
The Hymns of Atharvan Zarathushtra, Yasna, 46:13 

D edication to purity from birth onwards is best for mankind. For Mother Earth should we toil, leading all men to the realms of light.

Zoroastrianism 7712 | 
Yasna 48:5 

W e worship the souls of the holy men and women, born at any time, whose consciences struggle, or will struggle, or have struggled, for the good.

Zoroastrianism 7711 | 
Khorda Avesta, Chap. XIII ( Frawardin Yasht (Hymns to the Angels) ), sec. 154 

G od bears in mind all prayers made to Him, past, present, and future; those made by ordinary people as well as the believers in many Gods.

Zoroastrianism 7710 | 
Yasna 29:4 

I n the name of God. I praise and invoke the creator Ormazd (Ahura Mazda), the radiant, glorious, omniscient, maker, Lord of lords, King over all kings, watchful, Creator of the universe, giver of daily bread, powerful, strong, eternal, forgiver, merciful, loving, mighty, wise, holy, and nourisher.

Zoroastrianism 7709 | 
Khorda Avesta (Book of Common Prayer), Chapter title: Niyayeshes (Litanies), Section title: Khwarshed Niyayesh (Litany to the Sun) 
*Editors note: Another section (Title: Stayishn) of this prayer book says, Praise be to the name of Him Who always was, always is and always will be.

A righteous government is of all the most to be wished for, Bearing of blessing and good fortune in the highest. Guided by the law of Truth, supported by dedication and zeal, It blossoms into the Best of Order, a Kingdom of Heaven! To effect this I shall work now and ever more.

Zoroastrianism 7526 | 
Vohu-Khshathra Gatha; Yasna 51, 1 

L et those who know how to rule well, and not the evil rulers, rule us! Let them rule us with wisdom - rule us with skill O Piety!

Zoroastrianism 7525 | 
Spenta Mainyu Gatha; Yasna 48, 5 

H earken with your ears to these best counsels, Reflect upon them with illumined judgment. Let each one choose his creed with that freedom of choice each must have at great events.

Zoroastrianism 7524 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 30, 2 

T he resolute one who moved by the principles of Thy Faith Extends the prosperity of order to his neighbors And works the land the evil now hold desolate, Earns through Righteousness, the Blessed Recompense Thy Good Mind has promised in Thy Kingdom of Heaven.

Zoroastrianism 7523 | 
Spenta Mainyu Gatha; Yasna 50, 3 

O Wise Lord, by virtue of the Good Mind, may I reach Thy Presence. Grant me the blessings in both worlds, the corporeal and the spiritual, attainable through Righteousness; Thy rewards which bring beatific happiness to the faithful blessed with them.

Zoroastrianism 7522 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha Yasna 28, 2 

W hen the Good Mind came to me with enlightenment, When first I received and became wise with Thy words, And though the task be difficult, and hardship may come my way, I shall proclaim Thy message, which Thou declarest to be the best.

Zoroastrianism 7521 | 
Ushtavaiti Gatha; Yasna 43, 11 

H e who abhors and shuns the light of the Sun, He who refuses to behold with respect the living creation of God, He who leads the good to wickedness, He who makes the meadows waterless and the pastures desolate, He who lets fly his weapon against the innocent, An enemy of my faith, a destroyer of Thy principles is he, O Lord!

Zoroastrianism 7520 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 32, 10 

H e who upholds Truth with all the might of his power, He who upholds Truth the utmost in his word and deed, He, indeed, is Thy most valued helper, O Mazda Ahura!

Zoroastrianism 7519 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 31, 22 

B y Thy perfect Intelligence, O Mazda Thou didst first create us having bodies and spiritual consciences, And by Thy Thought gave ourselves the power of thought, word, and deed. Thus leaving us free to choose our faith at our own will.

Zoroastrianism 7518 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 31, 11 

S o may we be like those making the world progress toward perfection; May Mazda and the Divine Spirits help us and guide our efforts through Truth; For a thinking man is where Wisdom is at home.

Zoroastrianism 7517 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 30, 9 

T his, indeed is the case, O ye men and women! No happiness can be yours if the spirit of Falsehood directs your lives. Cast off from your selves the bonds that chain you to Untruth. Satisfaction linked with dishonor or with harm to others is a prison for the seeker; The faithless-evil bring sorrow to others and destroy their own spiritual lives hereafter.

Zoroastrianism 7516 | 
Vahishto-Ishti Gatha Yasna 53, 6 

( Zarathushtra:) These words do I address to you maidens who are being married, These counsels do I give to you, bridegrooms, Heed them in your minds and lay them to heart. Let each cherish the other with Righteousness. Then surely the reward of a happy life shall be yours.

Zoroastrianism 7515 | 
Vahishto-Ishti Gatha Yasna 53, 5 

O Ahura Mazda, and O Spirit of Truth and Right! Do Ye grant me and my followers such authority and power through Truth, That with the Good Mind, we may bring the world peace and happiness, Of which, Thou, O Lord, art indeed the first possessor.

Zoroastrianism 7514 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 29, 10 

T hus to the Lord doth Asha, the Truth, reply: No guide is known who can shelter the world from woe, None who knows what moves and works Thy lofty plans.

Zoroastrianism 7513 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 29, 3 

U nto Thee, O Lord, the Soul of Creation cried: For whom didst Thou create me, and who so fashioned me? Feuds and fury, violence and the insolence of might have oppressed me; None have I to protect me save Thee; Command for me then the blessings of a settled, peaceful life.

Zoroastrianism 7512 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 29, 1 

T ruth is best (of all that is) good. As desired, what is being desired is truth for him who (represents) the best truth.

Zoroastrianism 7511 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 27, 14 

I n humble adoration, with hands outstretched I pray to Thee, O Mazda! First of all, through Thy Holy spirit vouchsafe to me All righteousness of action, all wisdom of the Good Mind, That I may thereby bring joy to the Soul of Creation.

Zoroastrianism 7510 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 28, 1 

A s you hear our prayer, O Lord, Give us the Truth, Give us the help of the Divine Spirits, Give us the blessing of Armaity, the Spirit of Benevolence, And through the work of the Best Mind, give us the mighty Dominion, That we may overcome, thereby, the Evil Spirit of Untruth.

Zoroastrianism 7508 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 31, 4 

A s you realize not the eternal truths, and recognize not the better life, I come to you all to guide you in the right selection between the two sides That we may thence live in accordance with Truth and Right.

Zoroastrianism 7507 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 31, 2 

T he good deeds that we shall perform as those we have performed, The things that are precious to the eye illumined by the Good-Mind, The radiance of the sun shimmering down which heralds the day, They all, in accord with Truth, testify to Thy glory, O Mazda Ahura!

Zoroastrianism 7503 | 
Spenta Mainyu Gatha Yasna 50, 10 

T he Wrong of the wicked shall perish before the Right of the truthful. Standing at the Bridge of Judgment, The evil soul beholds the path of the righteous, But the evil of his actions, the words of his evil tongue, prove to be his fetters, In fear, he finds that he fails.

Zoroastrianism 7501 | 
Vohu-Khshathra Gatha; Yasna 51, 13 

M azda knows best what works have been wrought by the perpetrators of Evil and their followers; And He knows what shall be wrought by them ever hereafter. The Lord, Ahura is, the sole discerner; For us, let it be as He ordains.

Zoroastrianism 7500 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 29, 4 

T he man of devotion is beneficent to all. He is beneficent because of his wisdom, Because of his realization of truth, Because of the goodness in his thoughts, in his words, in his acts. Unto him Ahura Mazda shall grant the Kingdom of the Good Mind, And verily, this blessing I too long for!

Zoroastrianism 7499 | 
Vohu-Khshathra Gatha; Yasna 51, 21 

A t the last turning of life, To the faithful making the right choice according to His norm, Doth Ahura Mazda, the Lord judge, in His sovereign Power, Bestow an end better than good. But to him who shall not serve the cause of good He giveth an end worse than bad. At the last turning of life.

Zoroastrianism 7498 | 
Vohu-Khshathra Gatha; Yasna 51, 6 

L et the evil-doers stand foiled in their wish, Let them be abandoned to confusion and ruin! Let those of virtuous principles frustrate them, prevent their harm, And make way for the advent of happiness and peace on our humble dwellings! Let the Great Upholder of virtue bring the evil to naught. And let it be quick!

Zoroastrianism 7497 | 
Vahishto-Ishti Gatha Yasna 53, 8 

O f these Twin Spirits, the Evil one chooses doing the worst, While the most bountiful Holy Spirit of Goodness, clothing itself in the imperishable heavens, chooses Truth and Righteousness. And so will those who would please Ahura Mazda with righteous deeds, performed with faith in Truth.

Zoroastrianism 7496 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 30, 5 

A nd when these Twin Spirits came together at first, They established Life and the Denial of Life; And so shall it be till the world will last. The worst existence shall be the lot of the followers of evil, And the state of Best-Consciousness be the reward of the righteous.

Zoroastrianism 7495 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 30, 4 

I n the beginning there were two primal spirits, Twins spontaneously active, These are the Good and the Evil, in thought, and in word, and in deed. Between these two, let the wise choose aright. Be good, not base!

Zoroastrianism 7494 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 30, 3 

S atisfaction linked with dishonour or with harm to others is a prison for the seeker.

Zoroastrianism 7492 | 
Vahishto-Ishti Gatha; Yasna 53, 6 

T hese sinners, none of them, know the end in store for them. None of them know of the destruction of evil with the flood of glowing metal. The final end is indeed known to Thee, O Most Wise Lord!

Zoroastrianism 7490 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 32, 7 

A nd thus the liars defrauded humanity of a life of happiness and immortal bliss; For the Evil One preaches with Evil Mind and Evil Word Evil actions to the lying soul promising supremacy, But bringing it to ruin.

Zoroastrianism 7489 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 32, 5 

T o the wicked rulers, To the men of evil deeds, of evil words, of evil thoughts; Their depraved souls shall go to meet them with that which is foul. In the House of the Lie, they shall verily find their abode.

Zoroastrianism 7488 | 
Spenta Mainyu Gatha Yasna 49, 11 

T he evil-liars feel afflicted, but not so the righteous. Whether a mans possession be great or small Let him ever aspire to righteousness and abjure the wicked.

Zoroastrianism 7485 | 
Spenta Mainyu Gatha Yasna 47, 4 

W hen at the time of awarding, men, with the help of Truth shall vanquish the Lie.

Zoroastrianism 7484 | 
Spenta Mainyu Gatha Yasna 48, 1 

T hen let none give ear to the words of the evil liar, The liar bringing woe and destruction to house and clan, to the province and the land. Resist him, then, with force.

Zoroastrianism 7481 | 
Ahunuvaiti Gatha; Yasna 31, 18 

W hen the Good Mind came to me and asked: What wouldst thou choose? Before Thy Fire in veneration, I replied: So far as it is in my power, I shall cherish the gift of Righteousness.

Zoroastrianism 7479 | 
Ushtavaiti Gatha Yasna 43, 9 

W ith Thy Sovereign Power, and with Thy Good Mind, The Good Mind which brings prosperity to the world. Right dedication shall teach the Eternal Laws of Thy Wisdom, The Wisdom which none can deceive.

Zoroastrianism 7478 | 
Ushtavaiti Gatha Yasna 43, 6 

V erily I believed Thee, O Mazda Ahura, to be the Supreme Benevolent Providence. For I beheld Thee as the primeval source of creation. For by Thy perfect wisdom Thou shalt render just recompense for all actions, Good to the good, evil to the evil, At the last turning of creation.

Zoroastrianism 7477 | 
Ushtavaiti Gatha Yasna 43, 5 

H e who teaches others the righteous path of truth and happiness, Both in the material world and also the spiritual, The path leading to Thy abode, O Ahura; He attains an end better than good.

Zoroastrianism 7476 | 
Ushtavaiti Gatha Yasna 43, 3 

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