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I imagine into being the whole world, moving and unmoving, through the power of my Maya,
Yet that same Maya is not separate from me; this is the highest truth …
In me this whole world is moven in all directions, 0 Mountain.
I am the Lord and the Cosmic Soul; I am myself the Cosmic Body.
I am Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra, as well as Gauri, Brahmi, and Vaishnavi.
I am the sun and the stars and I am the Lord of the stars.
I am the various species of beasts and birds; I am also the outcaste and thief.
I am the evil doer and the wicked deed; I am the righteous person and the virtuous deed.
I am certainly female and male, and asexual as well.
And whatever thing, anywhere, you see or hear,
That entire thing I pervade, ever abiding inside it and outside.
There is nothing at ail, moving or unmoving, that is devoid of me;
For if it were, it would be a nonentity, like the son of a barren woman.
Just as a single rope may appear variously as a serpent or wreath,
So also I may appear in the form of the Lord and the like; there is no doubt in this matter.
The world cannot appear without an underlying basis.
Accordingly, the world comes to be only through my own being and in no other way.

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The Song of the Goddess: Translation, Annotation, and Commentary by C. Mackenzie Brown, the State University of New York Press (0 1998, State University of New York. 

N OW BE ATTENTIVE while I explain the highest kind of devotion.
One who constantly listens to my virtues and recites my names,
Who is firmly intent on me, a treasury of auspicious qualities,
Whose concentration is ever steady like a continuous flow of oil,
Who has no ulterior motive at all in these actions,
Having no desire for liberation in any form-whether living in my presence, sharing my powers, merging into me, or dwelling in my heaven
Who knows absolutely nothing better than serving me,
Cherishing the notion of servant and master and thus not aspiring even for liberation,
Who enthusiastically thinks of me alone with supreme affection,
Knowing me truly as never separate from oneself, not acknowledging any difference,
Who thinks of beings as embodiments of myself, loving other selves as one's own Self;
Who makes no false distinctions, realizing the universality of pure consciousness,
My omnipresent essence manifested in all beings everywhere at all times,
Who honors and respects even the lowest outcaste, 0 Lord,
Discarding any sense of difference and thus wishing harm to no one,
Who is eager to see my sacred sites and to see my devotees,
And is eager to listen to scriptures that describe the mantras and rites used in worshipping me, 0 Ruler,
Whose heart is overwhelmed with love for me, whose body ever thrills with joy,
Whose eyes are filled with tears of love, and whose voice falters,
Who, with such enraptured feelings, 0 Mountain Chief, worships
Me as ruler, womb of the world, and cause of all causes,
Who performs my splendrous rites, both the regular and the occasional, always with devotion and without miserly regard for cost,
Who longs to sec my festivals and to participate in them,
Ever impelled by such desires arising spontaneously, 0 Mountain,
Who sings on high my names while dancing,
Unselfconscious and forgetful of the body,
Who accepts the fruits of past karma as what must bc,
Unconcerned with thoughts of preserving the body,
Such a person practices devotion deemed supreme,
In which there is no thought of anything except me, the Goddess.
The person in whom such supreme devotion truly arises, 0 Mountain,
Then dissolves into my essential nature of pure consciousness.

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The Song of the Goddess: Translation, Annotation, and Commentary by C. Mackenzie Brown, the State University of New York Press (0 1998, State University of New York. 

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