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The wisdom of The Bhakti Sutras

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I t is the Lord alone who is to be loved and adored at all times with a mind free from external care. To those devotees who love Him and sing His glory, He reveals Himself. This is the highest path, to love the one absolute, eternal, Truth. Truly, this divine love is the Highest.

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O ne should not engage in theological disputes; there is room for many different viewpoints, and no single viewpoint is the final truth. One should reflect, instead, on the means to awaken devotion, and one should engage oneself in the practice of those means.

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O ne does not need to avoid the world to attain divine love, nor is it necessary to avoid the world after attaining it. Actions must undoubtedly continue to be performed; it is only the desire for the fruits of actions that is to be abandoned.

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S ome teachers think that knowledge (inan) alone is the means to attain divine love (bhakti); others think that these two are mutually interdependent. But Narada thinks that a fruit must come from a tree of the same kind. Therefore, to attain to supreme love, the only means worthy of acceptance is love.

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N arada holds that divine love manifests as the dedication of all activities to God, complete surrender to Him, and extreme anguish in the event of forgetting Him.

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O ne becomes intoxicated and enthralled, continually immersed in the inherent bliss of the Self.

This love is not the same as worldly love; by its very nature, divine love turns away from all worldly love. By "turns away," I mean that all one's intention is "turned toward" God. This leads to union with God, and indifference toward all else. Union with God is attained by giving up all other supports.

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D ivine love (bhakti) is of the nature of nectar (amrit), gaining which, one becomes perfect, divine, and contented; and having gained which, a man has no further desire. (1)

... It is impossible to describe the nature of divine love precisely; one Is in the same predicament as a mute person asked to describe the taste of sugar. That inherent love may arise at any time or in any place within one who is fit to receive it. It has no distinctive characteristics, except that it is free of selfish motive. It is an extremely subtle inner experience of all-pervading Unity.

... Once that divine love is obtained, one looks only to that, one speaks only of that, and one contemplates only that, It is easily recognized; love requires no proof outside of itselfit is its own proof. It appears in the form of inward peace and supreme happiness. One who has attained it has no anxiety about worldly struggle; he has completely surrendered himself, the world, and everything to the Lord. (2)

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(1) 3-5 ; (2) 51-61 

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