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T hose who desire to be born in Amitabha's Pure Land must perform three kinds of meritorious acts. The first act is: one must love his parents and attend dutifully to them, and he must also revere and serve his teachers and the elderly, refrain, with the loving-kindness he cultivates in his mind, from killing or irritating any living beings, and abide by the Ten Wholesome Ways.† The second act is: one must understand and abide by the true principles of non-ignorance, righteousness, and purity. In addition, one must keep the various precepts, and refrain from breaking the Rules of Conduct. The third act is: one must awaken the mind that aspires for Enlightenment, believe deeply in the principle of cause and effect, read and recite the Mahayana teachings, and encourage those who practice the way. These three acts (the Three Meritorious Acts) are called the undefiled acts. The Buddha further said to Queen Vaidehi: ‘You should know that these three kinds of virtuous deeds are none other than the true cause for the Enlightenment of all the Buddhas of the past, present and future.'

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The Visualization Of Amitabha Pure Land Sutra 

A ll beings have been Buddhas from the Provenance; both Nascence-Demise and Nirvana are akin to a dream in yestereve.

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The Sutra of Consummate Enlightenment 

F inally, as the time of his death approaches he sees a bright light, and being unaccustomed to it at the time of his death he is perplexed and confused. He sees all sorts of things such as are seen in dreams, because his mind is confused. He sees his (future) father and mother making love, and seeing them a thought crosses his mind, a perversity (viparyasa) arises in him. If he is going to be reborn as a man he sees himself making love with his mother and being hindered by his father; or if he is going to be reborn as a woman, he sees himself making love with his father and being hindered by his mother. It is at that moment that the Intermediate Existence is destroyed and life and consciousness arise and causality begins once more to work. It is like the imprint made by a die; the die is then destroyed but the pattern has been imprinted.

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Saddharma-smrityupasthana Sutra, from chapter XXXIV, Translation by Arthur Waley, in Conze et al, Buddhist Texts through the Ages (Oxford: Bruno Cassirer (Publishers) Ltd., 1954) 

The Chinese translation of this material (from which the present English translation was made) dates from ca. A.D. 542.

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