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H e who possesses virtue in abundance
May be compared to an infant.
Poisonous insects will not sting him.
Fierce beasts will not seize him.
Birds of prey will not strike him.
His bones are weak, his sinews tender, but his grasp is firm.
He does not yet know the union of male and female,
But his organ is aroused.
This means that his essence is at its height.
He may cry all day without becoming hoarse,
This means that his (natural) harmony is perfect.
To know harmony means to be in accord with the eternal
To be in accord with the eternal means to be enlightened
To force the growth of life means ill omen
For the mind to employ the vital force without restraint means violence
After things reach their prime, they begin to grow old,
Which means being contrary to Tao.
Whatever is contrary to Tao will soon perish

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Laozi 55, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 7. 

M encius said, "The desire to be honored is shared by the minds of all men. But all men have in themselves what is really honorable. Only they do not think of it. The honor conferred by men is not true honor.

quote 2147  | 
Book of Mencius, 6A: 17, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 3. 

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