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Give gifts to one another, for gifts take away rancour.”

Islam 8294 | 
Hadith Tirmidhi 12:17 

The most perfect of the believers in faith is the best of them in moral excellence .”

Islam 8293 | 
Hadith Tirmidhi 10:11 

Every good deed is charity, and it is a good deed that thou meet thy brother with a cheerful countenance and that thou pour water from thy bucket into the vessel of thy brother.”

Islam 8292 | 
Hadith Mishkat 6:6 

Do not hate one another and do not be jealous of one another and do not boycott one another, and be servants of Allah (as) brethren .”

Islam 8291 | 
Hadith Sahih Bukhari 78:57 

Removal from the way of that which is harmful is charity.”

Islam 8290 | 
Hadith Sahih Bukhari. 46:24 

G od, accept my repentance, wash away my offences, and answer my prayer.

Islam 5970 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, I ask You for a tranquil life, a pure death, and a return to You free from disgrace and dishonor.

Islam 5969 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, grant me the protection You grant the newborn.

Islam 5968 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, make my soul mindful of You and cleanse it of sins – You cleanse it best, since You are the Master and Benefactor.

Islam 5967 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, forgive my sins – be they mistaken or deliberate, hidden or public, by omission or commission.

Islam 5966 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, You are Forgiving and love forgiving – forgive me my sins.

Islam 5965 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, You have made me beautiful – make my character beautiful too.

Islam 5964 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, choose and single out what is good for me.

Islam 5963 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, grant me a speedy cure, fortitude to bear Your trials, and the passage from this world into Your Mercy.

Islam 5962 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, I seek refuge with you from misleading or being misled; from demeaning or being demeaned, from tormenting or being tormented and from wronging or being wronged.

Islam 5961 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

G od, I seek refuge with You from knowledge without benefit; from a heart without humility, from a prayer unheard and from an appetite unsated. I seek refuge with You from the evil of all four.

Islam 5960 | 
Supplications of the Prophet 

S upplication is the believer’s best weapon.

Islam 5959 | 

T oo much hilarity kills the spirit.

Islam 5958 | 

B elievers are gentle and easygoing.

Islam 5957 | 

E ach and every one of you is a shepherd accountable for his flock.

Islam 5956 | 

G ood character will be placed in the celestial scale first.

Islam 5955 | 

S ilence shows wisdom, but few oblige.

Islam 5954 | 

A n honest living is an obligation second only to worship.

Islam 5953 | 

D ebt disfigures devotion.

Islam 5952 | 

L iving thriftily is more profitable than certain trades.

Islam 5951 | 

G ratitude after eating is like forbearance during fasting.

Islam 5950 | 

S ouls are like mustered armies: the similar come together and unite, the dissimilar part ways.

Islam 5949 | 

M ost people take two blessings for granted – health and leisure.

Islam 5948 | 

H earts are conditioned to love those who are kind to them and to hate those who are cruel.

Islam 5947 | 

T est people and you will come to hate them. – be slow to trust.

Islam 5946 | 

C harity begins at home.

Islam 5945 | 

A promise is a debt.

Islam 5944 | 

L essen your burden of sin, and you will be less terrified of death.

Islam 5943 | 

L essen your burden of debt and you will live free.

Islam 5942 | 

B lessed are those who earn an honest living; whose hearts are pure, whose actions are noble, and from whom no one need fear any evil.

Islam 5941 | 

B lessed are those who act on their knowledge.

Islam 5940 | 

S ecure knowledge by writing it down.

Islam 5939 | 

T ravel and find health and wealth.

Islam 5938 | 

B e a good neighbour to those around you and you will be a true Muslim.

Islam 5937 | 

W ish for others what you wish for yourself and you will be a true believer.

Islam 5936 | 

R emain conscious of God at all times.

Islam 5935 | 

C onvey my message, even a single verse of the Qur’an.

Islam 5934 | 

B e generous with your children and teach them well.

Islam 5933 | 

C onduct your worldly affairs with integrity and work hard for the Hereafter.

Islam 5932 | 

L ove your friend with some restraint, for the day may come when he is your enemy. Hate your enemy with some restraint, for the day may come when he is your friend.

Islam 5931 | 

E at dinner, even if just a handful of dry dates – skipping dinner will age you.

Islam 5930 | 

A true warrior battles his urges in order to obey God.

Islam 5929 | 

A good grasp of religion is how God is best worshipped.

Islam 5928 | 

T wo hungry wolves do not wreak as much havoc to a flock of sheep as love of glory and wealth to a Muslim’s faith.

Islam 5927 | 

I ngratitude to others is ingratitude to God.

Islam 5926 | 

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