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H atred is not only a vice, but a vice which goes point-blank against Nature.
Hatred divides instead of joining and frustrates God's will in human society.
One man is born to help another.
Hatred makes us destroy one another.
Love unites-hatred separates.
Love is beneficial-hatred is destructive.
Love succors even strangers, hatred destroys the most intimate friendship.
Love fills all hearts with joy, hatred ruins all those who possess it.
Nature is bountiful, hatred is pernicious.
It is not hatred, but mutual love, that holds all mankind together.

Philosophy / Stoicism Quote n°3047 | 
Davis, Chas. Greek and Roman Stoicism. Boston: Herbert B. Turner and Co., 1903, pp. 226, 236, 241. 

W hat is God?
The Mind of the universe.
What is He?
All that you see, and all that you don't see.
Guide and guardian of the universe,
Soul and spirit of the world,
Builder and master of so great a work-
to Him all names belong.
Would you call Him Destiny?
You will not err.
Cause of causes, all things depend on Him.
Would you rather say Providence?
This will be right.
By His plan the world is guided safely through its motions.
Or Nature?
This title does Him no wrong.
Of Him are all things born, and in Him all things live.
Or Universe?
You are not mistaken.
He is all that we see,
wholly present in every part,
sustaining this entire creation.

Philosophy / Stoicism Quote n°3046 | 
Davis, Chas. Greek and Roman Stoicism. Boston: Herbert B. Turner and Co., 1903, pp. 226, 236, 241. 

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