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C onfucius said, ‘. . . If one were able to perfect his filial piety and attention to fraternal duties, his spirit would be consonant with the highest virtue of the universe, and his mind and prayers would reach and move the Divine. The light of his great virtue would illuminate the whole world and all would be touched by the virtues of filial piety.’

Confucianism Quote n°7598 | 
The Classic of Xiao (Xiao Jing), chap. 16 : The Moral Effort and the Response from the Divine 

C onfucius said, ‘For teaching the people to love one another there is nothing better than the education of Xiao; for teaching the people to be courteous and harmonious there is nothing better than the education of Ti; for changing bad customs there is nothing better than good, undefied music; for making the rulers at ease and the people orderly there is nothing better than the education of great etiquette.’

Confucianism Quote n°7597 | 
The Classic of Xiao (Xiao Jing), chap. 12 : Broad and Crucial Doctrine 

C onfucius said, ‘. . . He who loves his parents does not dare to do evil unto others; he who respects his parents does not dare to be arrogant to others. ’

Confucianism Quote n°7596 | 
The Classic of Xiao (Xiao Jing), chap. 2 : The Son of Heaven 

C onfucius said, ‘ . . . Filial piety (the Way of Xiao) is taught so that all who are fathers will be respected. Fraternal duties (the Way of Ti) is taught so that all who are elder brothers will be respected.’

Confucianism Quote n°7595 | 
The Classic of Xiao (Xiao Jing), chap. 13 : Broad and highest virtue 

C onfucius said, ‘Filial piety (Xiao) is the foundation of (all) virtue, and out of which grows all teachings and (moral and religious) education.’

Confucianism Quote n°7594 | 
The Classic of Filial Piety (Xiao Jing), chap. 1: Opening Explanation 

T he Master said, "Is Goodness indeed so far away? If we really wanted Goodness, we should find that it was at our very side."

Confucianism Quote n°4131 | 
Analects 7.29 

C onfucius said, "At fifteen my mind was set on learning. At thirty my character had been formed. At forty I had no more perplexities. At fifty I knew the Mandate of Heaven (T'ien-ming). At sixty I was at ease with whatever I heard. At seventy I could follow my heart's desire without transgressing moral principles.

Confucianism Quote n°2138 | 
Analects of Confucius, 2:4, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 2. 

W ishing to establish his own character, he also establishes the character of others, and wishing to be prominent himself, he also helps others to be prominent.

Confucianism Quote n°2137 | 
Analects of Confucius, 6,28, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 2. 

T he superior man does not seek fulfillment of his appetite nor comfort in his lodging.

Confucianism Quote n°2136 | 
Analects of Confucius, 1:14, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 2. 

B y nature the men are alike. Through practice they have become far apart.

Confucianism Quote n°2135 | 
Analect of Confucius, 17:2, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 2. 

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