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I f we had understanding,
Would we ever cease chanting and blessing the Divine Power, both openly and in secret?
Whether digging or ploughing or eating, should we not sing a hymn to God?

Great is God, for He has given us the instruments to till the ground …
He has given us hands, the power of digestion, and the wisdom of the body that controls the breath.

Great is God, for He has given us a mind to apprehend these things and to duly use them!

I am old and lame-what else can I do but sing to God?
Were I nightingale, I should do after the manner of a nightingale.
Were I a swan, I should do after the manner of a swan.
But now, since I am a reasonable man, I must sing to God: this is my work.
I will do it; I will not desert my post …

And I call upon you to join this self-same hymn.

Philosophy / Stoicism Quote n°3045 | 
Crossley, Hastings, trans. The Golden Sayings of Epictetus. New York: P E Collier and Son, 1909, verses 1, 66, 77. 

T he Philosophers say that there is a God, and that His Will directs the Universe … But the more important lesson is to discover God's nature. Upon discovering that nature, a man would please God by making his own nature like unto God's. If the Divine is faithful, he must also be faithful; if free, he must also be free; if beneficent, he must also be beneficent; if magnanimous, he must also be magnanimous. Thus to make God's nature one's own, a man must imitate Him in every thought, word, and deed.

Philosophy / Stoicism Quote n°3044 | 
Crossley, Hastings, trans. The Golden Sayings of Epictetus. New York: P E Collier and Son, 1909, verses 1, 66, 77. 

S how me a Man of God.
Show me a man modeled after the doctrines that are ever upon his lips.
Show me a man who is hard-pressed-and happy,
In danger-and happy,
On his death-bed-and happy,
in exile-and happy,
In evil report-and happy.

Show him to me.
I ask again.

So help me, Heaven,
I long to see one Man of God!
And if you cannot show me one fully realized, let me see one in whom the process is at work or one whose bent is in that direction.
Do me that favor!
Grudge it not to an old man, to behold such wonder.
Do you think I wish to see the Zeus or Athena of Phidias, sparkling with ivory and gold?
No. Show me one of you, a human soul, longing to be of one with God.

Philosophy / Stoicism Quote n°3043 | 
Crossley, Hastings, trans. The Golden Sayings of Epictetus. New York: P E Collier and Son, 1909, verses 1, 66, 77. 

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