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T he fire of attachment incessantly burns you. Therefore drink the nectar of equanimity. You have for long nurtured the desire and passions; now renounce them and come to your ownself. Why are you enamoured of alien objects, which are not yours? Why do you suffer pain? O, Doulatram, enjoy supreme bliss by means of Self-absorption. Do not miss this opportunity.

quote 6353  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 6/15 

I n this way the blessed ones achieve, and shall achieve the three jewels, which have been classified directly and indirectly. The water of their glory shall cleanse the filth of the world. Having understood this, cast away laziness, gather courage, reverentially receive the instruction, and accomplish your purpose speedily before disease or old age catches hold of you.

quote 6352  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 6/14 

T he attributes and modifications of the universe and the beyond are reflected in the Self; and he will remain eternally the same on attainment of Liberation. Blessed are those who on acquiring the human body, accomplished this, and attained the highest happiness, and got rid of the five-fold wanderings, the beginning of which was untraceable.

quote 6351  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 6/13 

T he need for proof, points of view, and rules of logic, is then not experienced. I am then everlasting. Perception, Knowledge, Joy and Might, and in me there remain nothing alien to myself. I am the achiever and the object of achievement. I am not obstructed by Karmas and their effects.

quote 6350  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 6/10 

T hey maintain equanimity, recite hymns, offer obeisance to Jina- Deva, remain constantly engrossed in scriptures, engage in self-analysis and self-chastisement, and give up attachment for the body. They do not bathe nor rub teeth. They have no covering, take a short sleep on the bare ground on one side, during the later part of the night.

quote 6349  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 6/5 

H aving duly controlled the mind, body and speech, they meditate upon the self; and the deer rub against their motionless posture, mistaking it for a rock. In order to attain conquest over the five senses, they feel no attachment or aversion to good or bad, touch, taste, colour, smell or sound.

quote 6348  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 6/4 

T hey are indifferent to taste; take food for enduring increasing asceticism, not for pampering the body, at the residence of a Sravak of good family, avoiding the 46 kinds of defects. They take care in laying down or lifting up the sacred instruments of learning (scriptures), of body-purification (bowl of water) and of religious observance (brush of peacock feathers). They throw of excrement, urine and expectoration after looking for an unfrequented place.

quote 6347  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 6/3 

T hat Dharma is practised by the ascetics, I shall describe their activities. O worthy of liberation! hear it and realise your own Self.

quote 6346  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 5/15 

T he universe is neither created nor supported by anybody. I t is composed of six substances and is indestructible. For want of equanimity, the Jiva, wanders incessantly, and suffers pain.

quote 6345  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 5/12 

W hy are you enamoured of this body, which is a bundle of flesh, blood, pus and excreta and is defiled by bones, fat and the like, and has nine outlets, through which dirty matters flow.

quote 6344  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 5/8 

T he soul and the body are mixed up like milk and water. Each exists distinct from the other. They are not one. Wealth, home, son, wife, obviously exist separately. How can they be one?

quote 6343  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 5/7 

O ne is himself alone affected by the consequences of his good and bad Karmas. Neither son nor wife share therein. All are influenced by self-interest.

quote 6342  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 5/6 

Y outh, home, cattle, wealth, wife, horse, elephant, obedient servants, sense pleasures, are transitory like the rainbow or the evanescent lightning.

quote 6341  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala. 5/3 

T he joy of equanimity is aroused by such meditations, like a flame caused by wind. When the soul knows itself, it attains eternal bliss.

quote 6340  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 5/2 

T he ascetics, observe complete vows. They have a high destiny. They are unattached to worldly pleasures. They practice the twelve meditations, which give births to renunciation.

quote 6339  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 5/1 

H e does not through carelessness cause injury to water, earth, vegetable, fire, nor does he secure an obligation by supplying a sword, a bow, a plough and other instruments of destruction. He never listens to narrations, which excite feelings of attachment of aversion. He does not indulge in other acts which cause purposeless sins.

quote 6338  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/15 

W ithin these limits he further limits his activities to a village, a lane, a house, a garden, market, and thus avoids all the rest. He is not anxious over anybody’s financial loss, or failure or success. He offers no advice in respect of such matters. Commerce and agriculture also lead to sin.

quote 6337  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/14 

H e does not take anything, except water and earth, which has not been given to him. He remains unattached to all females except his wife. Keeping in view his circumstances, he limits his possessions. He also limits his movements in the ten directions; and does not transgress such limits.

quote 6336  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/13 

A fter having obtained right knowledge acquire Right Conduct. It is classified as partial or complete. A layman avoid injury to mobile being and does not purposelessly hurt immobile beings. He does not utter words which are harsh, reproachable or incentive to killing.

quote 6335  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/12 

O Brother! Do not feel elated or grieved by the fruits of good or evil Karmas. These are modifications of matter. They come into being, they vanish, they are not permanent. Out of a million talks, keep this truth in your mind. Break off all trammels of the world, and concentrate your attention on the SELF.

quote 6334  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/11 

T he terrible fire of sense - desires burns up men and forests in the world. The only means of extinguishing it is the heavy rainfall of knowledge.

quote 6333  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/10 

T he saints have said that it is due to the potency of right knowledge that persons attained liberation in the past, attain it now and will attain it in the future.

quote 6332  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/9 

W ealth, society, elephants, horses and kingdom, are of no use. If a knowledge of the reality of the SELF is obtained, it will remain unshaken. Such knowledge arises from a discrimination between Self and non-Self. O thou, worthy of liberation! Try to acquire that knowledge even by millions of efforts.

quote 6331  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/8 

T herefore study the realities propounded by Jina-vara; get rid of doubt, delusion and stupefaction, visualise your ownself. If this human condition of existence, good family, Jaina religious discourses are lost, they will not, like a precious gem lost in the ocean, be found again.

quote 6330  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/7 

A soul may attain, for an infinite number of times, the (high celestialregion) graiveyak, by adopting the vows of an ascetic; but without a knowledge, of the SELF, it never enjoys a little bit of bliss.

quote 6329  |   Pandit Daulat Ram
Chha Dhala, 4/6 

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