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D o not act, do not talk, do not think, so that the soul may be attached to and fixed in itself. This only is excellent meditation.

Jainism 6360 | 
Dravya Samgraha, 56 

W hen a Sadhu attaining concentration becomes void of conscious effort by meditation on anything whatever, that state is called real meditation.

Jainism 6359 | 
Dravya Samgraha, 55 

T hat sage who practices well conduct which is always pure and which is the path of liberation with perfect faith and knowledge is a Sadhu. Obeisance to him.

Jainism 6358 | 
Dravya Samgraha, 54 

T hat being, the greatest of the great sages who being possessed of the three jewels, is always engaged in preaching the religious truths, is (known as) Upadhyaya (Teacher). Salutation to him.

Jainism 6357 | 
Dravya Samgraha, 53 

I f you wish to have your mind fixed in order to succeed in various kinds of meditation, do not be deluded by or attached to beneficial objects and do not be averse to harmful objects.

Jainism 6356 | 
Dravya Samgraha, 48 

T he three jewels (i.e., Perfect Faith, Perfect Knowledge and Perfect Conduct) do not exist in any other substance excepting the soul. Therefore, the soul surely is the cause of liberation.

Jainism 6355 | 
Dravya Samgraha, 40 

A s water assists the movement of moving fish, so Dharma (assists the movement of moving) Pudgala and Jiva. (But) it does not move (Pudgala and Jiva which are) not moving.

Jainism 6354 | 
Dravya Samgraha, 17 

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