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T he service and worship to the gods and goddesses are useless if one has renounced his parents

Where one has rejected his / her parents and then offers service to the deities is seen as of no use or value. Such service and prayers are futile. One must accept and perform their duties as a family member then only will the deities accept their services and prayers

R epudiating the parents, meditation in the forest is similar to the wanderings at deserted places

If one has abandoned or rejected his / her parents and then claims to mediate in solitude that person cannot be seen as someone of spiritual value. Accepting the responsibilities of their family including parents and living the life of a householder is what is accepting to Waheguru: the True Lord

R enouncing the parents, the listener of Vedas cannot understand their mystery

How can one who has abandoned his / her parents, the parents who did all they could and scarificed a lot for him / her, be of such an intellect that he / she could understand the mystery of the Vedas (Spiritual literature considered to be not written by man). One must understand the responsibility of caring for parents to develop spiritual values

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