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W hen sky and earth follow the natural Tao, the impure breath will disappear. The mysterious emptiness of the cavern will illuminate the great oneness.

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Invocation for Purification of the Sky and the Earth 

L et the true spirit descend. Let the immortals come. This I sincerely petition. Let my vision reach the nine celestial realms.

quote 7452  |   Invocations
Invocation for Dedication of Incense 

B efore the fragrant incense and jade pure incense stove, I stand single-minded before the celestial lords.

quote 7451  |   Invocations
Invocation for Dedication of Incense 

T he Tao is approached from the heart. As the smoke rises, let my heart ascend to the Tao.

quote 7450  |   Invocations
Invocation for Dedication of Incense 

L et its scent surround the universe. Let it spread to the ten directions. Let all the spirits reveal their golden light.

quote 7449  |   Invocations
Invocation for Lighting the Incense Stove 

T he smoke rises from the Incense stove, the breath of the Tao lingers. With dedication offer this fragrant incense.

quote 7448  |   Invocations
Invocation for Lighting the Incense Stove 

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