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Abbot Vasilios of Iveron Monastery

Spiritual quotes of Abbot Vasilios of Iveron Monastery

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T he soul can attain to the secrecy which is in God, where the mystery of unity beyond understanding and speech is celebrated, only when it has gone not only beyond the categories of vice and ignorance and of falsehood and wickedness - the vices which are opposite to virtue and knowledge and truth and goodness - but even, if one may say this, beyond the categories of virtue itself and of knowledge and truth and goodness as they are known to us. In the Kingdom of the Spirit of God, which lies beyond our senses and intellectual concepts and virtues, everything exists in a different way. It exists truly.

Christianity / Orthodoxy 3369 | 
Hymn of Entry, p. 102 

T hose who have been cleansed through following the path of stillness (hesychis) are counted worthy to see things invisible…, undergoing, as it were, the way of negation and not forming ideas about it.

Christianity / Orthodoxy 3364 | 
Hymn of Entry, p. 103 

B y receiving a new sense of taste and a new form of knowledge in "stillness" and in giving himself over to God totally. Be still and know. Be still: remain in a state of spiritual wakefulness, with your prospects and your senses open, to hear what God's will is at each moment.

Christianity / Orthodoxy 3363 | 
Hymn of Entry, p. 92 

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