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The quotes of Saint Mark the Ascetic

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S teadfast faith is a strong tower; and for one who has faith Christ comes to be all.

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On the Spiritual Law: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", text 4, p. 110) 

W hen the intellect forgets the purpose of true devotion, then external works of virtue bring no profit.

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No Righteousness by Works: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", text 51, p. 129) 

H e who wishes to be spared all misfortunes should associate God with everything through prayer; with his intellect he should set his hope in Him, putting aside, so far as possible, all concern about things of the senses.

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On the Spiritual Law: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", p. 140, text 172) 

T hink nothing and do nothing without a purpose directed to God…

quote 3385  | 
On the Spiritual Law: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", p. 114, text 54) 

H e who does something good and expects a reward is serving not God but his own will.

quote 3375  | 
No Righteousness by Works: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", p. 130, text 57) 

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