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Y ou should not doubt that the intellect, when it begins to be strongly energized by the divine light, becomes so completely translucent that it sees its own light vividly. This takes place when the power of the soul gains control over the passions. But when St. Paul says that "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light" (2 Cor. 11:14), he definitely teaches us that everything which appears to the intellect, whether as light or as fire, if it has a shape, is the product of the evil artifice of the enemy. So we should not embark on the ascetic life in the hope of seeing visions clothed with form or shape; for if we do, Satan will find it easy to lead our soul astray. Our one purpose must be to reach the point when we perceive the love of God fully and consciously in our heart …

Christianity / Orthodoxy 3407 | 
On Spiritual Knowledge: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", p. 265, text 40) 

F or the complete fulfilment of its purpose we should give it nothing but the prayer "Lord Jesus". No one, it is written, can say 'Lord Jesus' except in the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12:3). Let the intellect continually concentrate on these words within its inner shrine with such intensity that it is not turned aside to any mental images. Those who meditate unceasingly upon this glorious and holy name in the depths of their hearts can sometimes see the light of their own intellect. For when the mind is closely concentrated upon this name, then we grow fully conscious that the name is burning up all the filth which covers the surface of the soul; for it is written: Our God is a consuming fire (Deut. 4:24). Then the Lord awakens in the soul a great love for His glory; for when the intellect with fervour of heart maintains persistently its remembrance of the precious name, then that name implants in us a constant love for its goodness, since there is nothing now that stands in the way. This is the pearl of great price which a man can acquire by selling all that he has, and so experience the inexpressible joy of making it his own (cf. Matt. 13:45-46).

Christianity / Orthodoxy 3394 | 
On Spiritual Knowledge: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", pp. 370-371, text 59) 

W e should know, moreover, that a person energized by God to such love rises, at that moment, even above faith, since by reason of his great love he now senses consciously in his heart the One whom he previously honoured by faith…

Christianity / Orthodoxy 3393 | 
On Spiritual Knowledge: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", text 91, p. 290) 

A man who merely practises the remembrance of God from time to time, loses through lack of continuity what he hopes to gain through his prayer. It is a mark of one who truly loves holiness that he continually burns up what is worldly in his heart through practising the remembrance of God, so that little by little evil is consumed in the fire of this remembrance and his soul completely recovers its natural brilliance with still greater glory.

Christianity / Orthodoxy 3388 | 
On Spiritual Knowledge: ("Philokalia (Vol. 1)", p. 294, text 97) 

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