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M ONK: "Where is the Reality in appearance?"
MASTER: "Wherever there is appearance, there is Reality."
MONK: "How does It manifest Itself?"
MASTER: (The master silently lifted his saucer.)
MONK: "But where is the Reality in illusion?"
MASTER: "The origin of illusion is the Real."
MONK: "But how can Reality manifest Itself in illusion?"
MASTER: "Wherever there is illusion, there is the manifestation of Reality."
MONK: "Do you say, then, Reality can never be separated from illusion?"
MASTER: "Where can you possibly find the appearance of illusion?"

3751 |   Ts’ao-shan Pen-chi, Buddhism, Mahayana, Zen (Chan)
Source : in Chung-yuan, 1975; pp. 72-73  

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