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I f I have no physical body, if I have obtained the Way and become naturally so, I shall lightly lift myself and raise into the clouds. Coming and going between empty space, I become one in spirit with the Way. What trouble could I have?

Daoism 4042 | 
commentary on the Tao Te King, chap.13, trad. A. Chan, 1991, p.157 

R eturn to the origin and keep to the origin.

Daoism 4040 | 
commentary on the Tao Te King, 19, trad. E.Erkes, p.41 

D esirous of lust and beautiful sight, one injures one’s essence and loses one’s vision.

Daoism 4030 | 
commentary on the Tao Te King, chap.12, trad. A. Chan, 1991, p.141 

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