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The wisdom of The Pirkei Avot

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B etter an hour of repentance and good deeds in this world than a lifetime in the world to come.

quote 6720  |   The Pirkei Avot

W ho is honoured? He that honours mankind.

quote 6691  |   The Pirkei Avot

B eloved is Man who was created in the Divine image.

quote 6683  |   The Pirkei Avot

T his world is like an anteroom of the world to come.

quote 6680  |   The Pirkei Avot

S hun a bad neighbour!

quote 6666  |   The Pirkei Avot

T he more schooling, the more wisdom

quote 6661  |   The Pirkei Avot

N ot the expounding of the Law is the important matter but the doing of it.

quote 6641  |   The Pirkei Avot

R evere your teacher as you would heaven.

quote 6625  |   The Pirkei Avot

T he recompense of virtue is virtue, and sin’s reward is sin.

quote 6622  |   The Pirkei Avot

C onsider three things and you will not fall into error: know what is above you, a seeing eye and a listening ear, and your deeds written in a scroll.

quote 6574  |   The Pirkei Avot

L et your neighbor’s honor be as dear to you as your own!

quote 6557  |   The Pirkei Avot

W ho performs one precept gains one advocate for himself.

quote 6518  |   The Pirkei Avot

K now whence you came and whither you go!

quote 6488  |   The Pirkei Avot

B y three things is the world sustained: justice, truth and peace.

quote 6485  |   The Pirkei Avot

G reet all men with a smiling face!

quote 6451  |   The Pirkei Avot

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