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T he self-willed manmukhs do not even know how to speak. They are filled with sexual desire, anger and egotism They do not know the difference between good and bad; they constantly think of corruption In the Lordís Court, they are called to account, and they are judged to be false

Sikhism 6969 | 
ANG 1248 SGGSJi 
When one is filled with desires, anger and lust, one does not know what is righteous or not. One is unable to think what is good or bad. Think not of evil / wrong things as Waheguru: the True God sees it all even what one thinks. In His court one will have to account for all right and wrong deeds

T hose who walk on the Path of Truth shall be praised throughout the world

Sikhism 6968 | 
There is a lot of emphasis to live the life of a truthful person and earn a truthful living. Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Guru, reminds us again to walk on the path of truth. Practice truth in everything you do and He will protect you always and you will be praised by all

K abeer, the mortal knows everything, and knowing, he still makes mistakes What good is a lamp in oneís hand, if he falls into the well?

Sikhism 6967 | 
ANG 1376 SGGSJi 
The mind, inspite of knowing the merits and demerits of a sinful act will persuade one towards an act of wrong doing. The punishment of such acts is borne by the body in this world and by the soul in the next world. Apply the teaching of the Gurbani (spiritual teaching of the Gurus) to evaluate if the act is sinful or not

O my mind, remain steady and stable, and you will not have to endure beatings

Sikhism 6966 | 
ANG 1113 SGGSJi 
My mind, be brave. Donít abandon your principles for petty and sensuous pleasures. Listen not to the mind but the soft, faint tone of the inner conscience which advises one to resist temptation of misdeeds and act upon guidance

T he real enjoyment within the mind is to be absorbed in the sublime essence of the Lord, in the Society of the Saints

Sikhism 6964 | 
ANG 1019 SGGSJi 
Worship Waheguru: the True Lord at all times and in the company of holy people. The mind will relax and join with Waheguru. Keep company of holy God loving people so you too may enjoy His blessings

C ome, dear friends, Saints and companions let us join together and sing the Glorious Praises of the Inaccessible and Infinite Lord Those who sing and hear these praises are liberated, so let us meditate on the One who created us

Sikhism 6963 | 
Keep the company of holy people and in their company worship Him, the True God. With them you too shall be Liberated

T hat mortal who meditates and vibrates upon the Lord night and day - know him to be the embodiment of the Lord There is no difference between the Lord and the humble servant of the Lord; O Nanak, know this as true

Sikhism 6962 | 
ANG 1427 Ė 1428 SGGSJi 
Those who worship Waheguru: the True God day and night become like the True God themselves. Remember Him daily through prayer and meditation so that one day you too become a har jan Ė a humble servant of the Lord

K abeer, the Saint does not forsake his Saintly nature, even though he meets with millions of evil-doers Even when sandalwood is surrounded by snakes, it does not give up its cooling fragrance

Sikhism 6961 | 
ANG 1373 SGGSJi 
A person should not give up his or her good deeds or nature when surrounded by evil doers. Be steadfast in your path of truthful living and donít be imbalanced by the wrong and immoral actions by those around you

T he Lordís humble servant sings the Glorious Praises of the Lordís Name Even if someone slanders the Lordís humble servant, he does not give up his own goodness.

Sikhism 6960 | 
One should continue to sing the praises of God and if someone slanders him / her one should not stop or give up doing the good deeds. Continue to be a truthful person and donít let the slanders distract you from your truthful path

H e Himself is liberated, and He liberates the universe O Nanak, to that humble servant, I bow in reverence forever

Sikhism 6959 | 
Who is a har jan (servant of God)? A har jan is one in whose presence one remembers the True God. He liberates not just himself but those that keep his company. Become a har jan and lead a truthful life remembering the True God

O ne who knows Him, obtains everlasting peace God blends that one into Himself

Sikhism 6958 | 
One who comes to know Naam (worship of the True Lord); one who understands His hukum (His command); that person will get eternal peace and become one with Him.

T he Gurmukh meditates on the Lord with every hair of his body

Sikhism 6957 | 
A Gurmukh (one who follows the teaching of his Spiritual teacher) is one who meditates on the True Lord with each and every hair/cell of his body. Be a Gurmukh and remember Him with everything you have

A s you plant, so shall you harvest; your destiny is recorded on your forehead

Sikhism 6956 | 
Our actions good or bad will yield a reward or punishment. Guru Arjan Dev Ji tells us that all our deeds good and bad do not go unnoticed. All these deeds are recorded and we are answerable for them. One should do good and not get entangled in immoral activities

C hanting the Naam, all pleasures are obtained All fears are erased, meditating on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har One who serves the Lord swims across to the other side, and all his affairs are resolved

Sikhism 6955 | 
By worshipping Har (another name for the True God) pleasures are obtained and fears are erased. So why donít you worship Him and swim across the world ocean where all of oneís affairs will be resolved

T hey perform the Lordís true devotional service, day and night, as the Guru has instructed them The devoteesí lifestyle is true, and absolutely pure; the True Name is pleasing to their minds

Sikhism 6954 | 
One should perform devotional service whenever one can. For this is pleasing to the Waheguru: True Lord and oneís lifestyle will reflect truthful living. Worshipping the True Lord will be pleasing to oneís mind

T hose devotees who become Gurmukh burn away their ego, through the Word of the Shabad Those who burn away their ego through the Shabad, become pleasing to my Lord; their speech becomes True

Sikhism 6953 | 
A gurmukh follows the teaching of the Guru. In doing so a Gurmukh burns away his ego. Reading and singing the shabad Ė Guruís teachings Ė pleases the True Lord and those who read the shabad become truthful and their speech is also true

T he Dear Lord protects His humble devotees; throughout the ages, He has protected them

Sikhism 6952 | 

C hanting the Lordís Name, all sins are washed away

Sikhism 6951 | 
Any service to Waheguru: the True Lord is fruitful. Chanting His name through meditation, prayer or kirtan (singing Gurbani) will help wash away Sins

K eep me under Your Protection, O Beloved Master of the Universe; fulfill my faith, O Lord of the World Servant Nanakís mind is filled with bliss, when he beholds the Blessed Vision of the Lordís Darshan, even for an instant

Sikhism 6950 | 
Only with His blessing can one have faith and His protection. One longs for His Darshan (to sight Him) even if it is for an instance. Have faith and pray for His Darshan

M y mind has become sad and distant, longing for the Blessed Vision of the Lordís Darshan, my Friend As the bumblebee cannot live without the lotus, I cannot live without the Lord

Sikhism 6949 | 
Love Waheguru: the True Lord like a bumblebee loves the lotus. Love Him so much that it hurts not to have His Darshan (to sight Him). Such love comes from remembering Him through meditation, singing kirtan (Gurbani) and praying

T hose who have found the Guru are at peace, in life and in death

Sikhism 6948 | 
Waheguru: the True Lord can be found from reading Gurbani Ė Guru Jiís teachings. Once found one is at peace here and hereafter

I n the Sanctuary of the Saints, the sins are erased. The character of righteousness is received by that person

Sikhism 6947 | 
ANG 1354 SGGSJi 
When a person keeps company of the holy people, his own character will be reflected by the good company. The company one keeps has an influence on oneís own character. Keep company of the Saadh Sanghat (company of the holy) and let your sins be erased

T he sublime people earn the profit of the Naam, the Name of the Lord; they are absorbed in the Word of the Shabad The days of oneís life are pre-ordained; they will come to their end, O mother One must depart, today or tomorrow, according to the Lordís Primal Order

Sikhism 6946 | 
Whatever is seen shall pass away one day. Do not think that one is here forever and ever. When the Lord orders one must depart. We all have to depart one day and remember that. Only the profits of good deeds go with one and save us hereafter

O Nanak, through the Naam, greatness is obtained; in the love of duality, all honor is lost

Sikhism 6945 | 
When one remembers the True Lord through meditation and prayers then greatness is obtained. However, if one gets caught up in duality then all is lost

T he world suffers the pains of death and rebirth, and through the love of duality, it is ruined; without the Guru, the essence of reality is not known Without devotional worship, everyone in the world is deluded and confused, and in the end, they depart with regrets

Sikhism 6944 | 
Do not get caught up in duality, seek guidance from the True Lord and worship daily. Otherwise one will be mislead and the true meaning of life will not be achieved. One will return in the cycle of birth and death over and over again

T he self-willed manmukhs practice devotional rituals without the True Guru, but without the True Guru, there is no devotion They are afflicted with the diseases of egotism and Maya, and they suffer the pains of death and rebirth

Sikhism 6943 | 
Practice devotional love for the True Lord and the way He wants one to. Otherwise ego and self praise will take over and one will be in the cycle of life and death continuously

T he body is merely blind dust; go, and ask the soul The soul answers, ďĒI am enticed by Maya, and so I come and go, again and again.ĒĒ

Sikhism 6942 | 
Maya means delusion. Let not maya take over your life. Have a reality check and do the truthful deeds Waheguru the True Lord wants us to do. When the time comes to leave this world, the body will be left behind and the soul will keep coming and going because maya had taken over

W hat love is this between the body and soul, which ends when the body falls? Why feed it by telling lies? When you leave, it does not go with you

Sikhism 6941 | 
The body is a vehicle for this life. When one dies the body is left behind, so why live the life of lies to keep the body attractive. Follow the True Lordís teaching and let the soul grow beautiful each day

I speak as You cause me to speak Lord and Master, You are the ocean of excellence Nanak chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord, according to the Teachings of Truth God preserves the honour of His slaves

Sikhism 6940 | 
Follow in the path of the True Lord; live a truthful life; remember Him by chanting His Naam (meditation); and He will preserve your honour always

T he Lord, Har, Har, gave me the medicine of His Name which has cured all disease He extended His Mercy to me and resolved all these affairs

Sikhism 6939 | 
He Himself comes and saves His devotees. The medicine is His Naam - Remember Him through meditation; sing His praises and He will be with you always. Your mind will be comforted always

T he Creator has brought utter peace to my home the fever has left my family The Perfect Guru has saved us I sought the Sanctuary of the True Lord

Sikhism 6938 | 
When in the sanctuary of Waheguru: the True Lord, one and oneís family is saved. The creator brings intuitive peace and tranquillity to one and oneís family

Y our Saints are very fortunate; their homes are filled with the wealth of the Lordís Name Their birth is approved, and their actions are fruitful

Sikhism 6937 | 
Those who know Waheguru and offer pray are fortunate to have the wealth of His love. Their life is approved as they perform deeds that are acceptable to Waheguru: the One God. One should remember Waheguru at all times so the True God blesses them with the wealth of His Naam

T he sublime people earn the profit of the Naam, the Name of the Lord; they are absorbed in the Word of the Shabad.

Sikhism 6936 | 
One must remember the True Lord Waheguru at all times. For it is this that will be the profit we take over when we depart this world. Listen and read Gurbani Ė Guru Jiís teacings and follow these teachings

O ne whose heart is filled with the Lord, is freed of egotism and disease He chants the Lordís Praises, gathers virtue, and his light merges into the Light

Sikhism 6935 | 
Those who accept Godís will and travel on His path, their hearts are filled with love for Waheguru: the True God. Ego and disease does not touch them as they chant the naam of God. Only when one is like this, will one merge in with the One Light

I mbued with devotion, their minds remain forever immaculate and pure; they see their Dear Lord always with them

Sikhism 6934 | 
Keep focused on the love of Waheguru: the True Lord and oneís mind stays pure and truthful. In being true and pure one can always see the True Lord with them

T hey worship the Lord in devotion, and eradicate self-conceit from within themselves; they understand merits and demerits They understand merits and demerits, and chant the Lordís Name; devotional worship is sweet to them

Sikhism 6933 | 
Those who have and are worshipping the True Lord drive self pride; self importance; and ego out of themselves. They understand the True Lord and worshipping is close to their hearts Worship the True Lord and become His devotee so you too can eradicate ego from within

H earing the Guruís teachings, I obey them; this is the pre-ordained destiny written upon my forehead All day and night, I chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, Har; within my heart, I am lovingly attuned to Him My body and mind are totally rejuvenated, and the garden of my mind has blossomed forth in lush abundance The darkness of ignorance has been dispelled, with the light of the lamp of the Guruís wisdom. Servant Nanak lives by beholding the Lord

Sikhism 6932 | 
Waheguru: the True God is our creator. Remember Him and life is fulfilled

W hy do you do such evil deeds, that you shall have to suffer so? Do not do any evil at all; look ahead to the future with foresight So throw the dice in such a way, that you shall not lose with your Lord and Master Do those deeds which shall bring you profit

Sikhism 6931 | 
Good deeds bring profit; brings the True Lord closer to one; brings the blessing of the True Lord. Engage in good deeds and win the gamble of this life by being One with Him

L et us all celebrate Him, from whom we receive our nourishment O Nanak, no one can issue commands to the Lord Master; let us offer prayers instead

Sikhism 6930 | 
The One Lord Master of all gives us so that our needs are satisfied. Let us not forget Him. What can we give Him as all is His? We can offer prayers, so letís pray regularly to thank Him for all He does for us

T rue are their commands, and true are their empires; they are attuned to the Truth True is their happiness, and true is their greatness. They know the Lord, to whom they belong

Sikhism 6929 | 
Those who live the life of a truthful person performing truthful deeds are loved by Waheguru: the True God. Their lives and actions reflect truth and they are attuned to Waheguru. Be like these loving devotees

T hose generous, humble beings are above both birth and death They give the gift of the soul, and practice devotional worship; they inspire others to meet the Lord

Sikhism 6928 | 
Those who are accepting of Godís will and live according to His code are kind and humble. They inspire others to be like them through the example of their life. Be inspired by the holy and aim to be like them

H e sows seeds of poison, and demands Ambrosial Nectar. Behold - what justice is this?

Sikhism 6927 | 
Our actions reflect our virtues. Acting in a manner that hurts others physically and psychologically, can one expect all good things to happen to them? This is not justice in any form or order. Keep The True Lord in your heart and thoughts and perform good deeds

T he Lord is the social class and honor of His devotees; the Lordís devotees merge in the Naam, the Name of the Lord

Sikhism 6926 | 
When one becomes Waheguruís devotee: the True Lordís devotee then he / she has no caste / social class. He / she becomes merged into the One Lord and His Naam. Pray and meditate to become His devotee

D o not utter even a single harsh word; your True Lord and Master abides in all Do not break anyoneís heart; these are all priceless jewels

Sikhism 6925 | 
ANG 1384 SGGSJi 
Waheguru the True Lord created us all. He resides in all. When angry think twice about uttering harsh words. See the True Lord in the person who has made you angry. When hurting someone to the point of breaking their heart, think Waheguru ďresides in that person tooĒ

H e who owns our soul, and our very breath of life - why should we forget that Lord and Master from our minds?

Sikhism 6924 | 
Waheguru: the True God created us and owns our souls. He should always be in our minds and we should remember Him through meditations and prayers

K abeer, the mortal gathers wealth, shell by shell, accumulating thousands and millions But when the time of his departure comes, he takes nothing at all with him. He is even stripped of his loincloth

Sikhism 6923 | 
ANG 1372 SGGSJi 
One spends oneís life collecting wealth. Wealth for a good house, a good car, wealth for his children, wealth for good clothes, wealth for expensive holidays, and it goes on and on and on. There is the need for more and more and in the race of earning and saving one does not have time for God. In the end when death knocks on the door, it is too late. Make time and remember the True Lord, pray and meditate. This will go with you in the end

H e does not let His devotees see the difficult times; this is His innate nature Giving His hand, He protects His devotee; with each and every breath, He cherishes him My consciousness remains attached to God

Sikhism 6922 | 
Be the devotee of Waheguru: the One God. Remember Him in meditation. Pray and thank Him for all He has given. He will protect you and preserve your honour

W herever I look, there I see my Lord and Master; no one can harm me Whoever shows disrespect to the Lordís humble servant, is instantly reduced to ashes The Creator Lord has become my protector; He has no end or limitation

Sikhism 6921 | 
Waheguru: the True God is everywhere in His creation, see Him in all. Do not slander as He will instantly drive out and destroy those who do. If you keep company with the holy and truthful people and perform good deeds He will protect you always

I n an instant, he shall make you happy, and the empty vessel shall be filled to overflowing The mind becomes content, meditating forever on the Lord He alone dedicates himself to the Guruís service, unto whom the Lord has granted His Grace

Sikhism 6920 | 
Remember Waheguru by meditating and singing His praises daily. Live the life of a truthful person. With His glance of love and blessing, the True God will make your life happy, content and blissful

J oining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall cross over the terrifying and difficult worldocean Serve the True Guru, and in the world hereafter, you shall not die of fear

Sikhism 6919 | 
Remain in the company of the True Sangat (congregation). With them and their holy influence one will cross over the world ocean. By serving the True Guru one shall be in tranquillity here and here after

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