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O ne who offers both respectful greetings and rude refusal to his master, has gone wrong from the very beginning O Nanak, both of his actions are false; he obtains no place in the Court of the Lord

Sikhism 6918 | 
Respect Waheguru: the True God and respect His command. Do not challenge Waheguru and demand outcomes. All happens in His will. If one continues to disrespect then one has lost everything and there will be no place in His court for you

W hen your soul is feeling sad, offer your prayers to the Guru Renounce all your cleverness, and dedicate your mind and body to Him Worship the Feet of the Guru, and your evil-mindedness shall be burnt away

Sikhism 6917 | 
Joy and sadness are part of everyday life. Offer prayers to the True Lord when sad. Always remain humble and do not dwell in your own self cleverness and ingenuity. Keeping a humble mind will keep evil mindedness away

W ithin my mind, I think thoughts of always rising early, and making the effort Lord, my Friend, please bless Nanak with the habit of singing the Kirtan of the Lordís Praises

Sikhism 6916 | 
Oneís mind wants to get up early and pray. However, the efforts can sometimes be compromised. Ask Waheguru the True Lord to give you the will power to do as your mind wants and overcome any lack of effort so you are not hindered from singing the Kirtan of the Lords praises

H usband Lord, You have given me the silk gown of Your Love to cover and protect my honor You are all-wise and all-knowing, O my Master; Nanak: I have not appreciated Your value, Lord

Sikhism 6915 | 
To His soul bride He gave love and all the essentials to survive yet the soul bride did not appreciate all that was done. Remember Him and value Him as He is your Creator Lord

Y ou have not cleansed the filth from within yourself, although outwardly, you wear the dress of a renunciate In the heart-lotus of yourself, you have not recognized God - why have you become a Sannyaasee?

Sikhism 6914 | 
What one is on the inside one hides with religious robes and religious deeds. One does not recognise the True God and tries to hide his inner filth from Him. But He sees all. Try and recognise Him instead of being one who claims to abandon social and family standings. Cleanse the filth from within with meditation and singing His kirtan (praises)

T he slanderers are destroyed in an instant; they are not spared for even a moment God will not endure the sufferings of His slaves, but catching the slanderers, He binds them to the cycle of reincarnation

Sikhism 6913 | 
The True Lord does not tolerate slanderers, so do not engage in slander. He will not spare you

T he jewel of spiritual wisdom is awakened deep within Evil-mindedness is eradicated, and the supreme status is attained

Sikhism 6912 | 
When the True Lord blesses one with His glimpse, the jewel of spiritual wisdom is awakened within. With spiritual wisdom comes love for Him and His creation and evil mindedness is nowhere to be seen. Remember Him and sing his praises that one day His blessing glimpse may come and rest on you

B y trying to please other people, nothing is accomplished When someone is attached to the True Lord, his ego is taken away

Sikhism 6911 | 
Ego is established when one starts to think that one does everything themselves or they are the best looking, the cleverest, etc. One even tries to impress others or please them with lies, ego, stretched self importance, etc. But when one attaches oneself to the True Lord none of these matter as He only matters and then one becomes content

Y our slave is crushed and destroyed

Sikhism 6910 | 
When one talks ill of others, especially those who are God loving people, Waheguru does not take to it lightly. Slandering, back biting, gossiping, etc is not acceptable and He Himself will destroy those engaged in such lowly activities

B lessed, blessed is the good fortune of those Gurmukhs, who live as Gursikhs, and conquer their minds But the greatest good fortune of all, is that of the Guruís Sikhs, who fall at the Guruís feet

Sikhism 6909 | 
Be blessed by living the life of a truthful person conducting truthful deeds. Be His and sing His praises and fall at His feet as He is the only Master and Lord

B lessed, blessed is the good fortune of those holy people, who sing the Kirtan of the Lordís Praises, and so become virtuous

Sikhism 6908 | 
Sing songs of Waheguruís praises and let your voice be blessed by Him. Oneís sweet voice singing His praises will travel to Waheguru and then one will be honoured in His court and He will accept you as His own

B lessed, blessed is the good fortune of those Saints, who, with their ears, listen to the Lordís Praises

Sikhism 6907 | 
Let oneís ears listen to the wisdom of Waheguru: the One God. Do not use your ears to listen to slander, gossip or lies. Use the ears to listen to His praises, His worship, the voice of His Gursikhs (His loved ones) and let your ears be pure and ready to accept Waheguruís blessings

B lessed, blessed is the good fortune of those devotees, who, with their mouths, utter the Name of the Lord

Sikhism 6906 | 
One must use oneís mouth to utter His Naam and remember Him. One must not utter rude idioms as that mouth becomes filthy. The mouth that utters His Naam (in meditation or singing) has submitted to Waheguru and will be accepted by Waheguru: the One God

S ome pass their lives as actors, acting and dancing Some pass their lives taking the lives of others Some pass their lives ruling by intimidation The Saints pass their lives chanting the Lordís Praises

Sikhism 6905 | 
Life is precious and one should maximise it by remembering Waheguru through naam simran (meditation) or kirtan (singing His praises). One can waste it through fruitless acts of intimidating others for self gain or act in a manner to make themselves look important when that is not true. These are things that will remain behind, concentrate on remembering Waheguru and your life goals will be fulfilled here and hereafter

S ome pass their lives in Yoga, strict meditation, worship and adoration Some, in sickness, sorrow and doubt Some pass their lives practicing control of the breath The Saints pass their lives singing the Kirtan of the Lordís Praises

Sikhism 6904 | 
So what if one learns how to control oneís breath and can meditate. Still some suffer sickness and pain, others live yogic lives. One must go through this life time which has been obtained through His grace. Remember Waheguru: the One God who is oneís creator and master

S ome pass their lives gambling Some pass their lives getting drunk Some pass their lives stealing the property of others The humble servants of the Lord pass their lives meditating on the Naam

Sikhism 6903 | 
One has been given the life of a human and this is the time to remember Him and be one with Him. So do not indulge in gambling, drinking and stealing, instead spend time in meditation and conduct acts of worship so that the time on this earth is put to good use

N ight and day, he sings the Kirtan of the Lordís Praises, O Beloved, totally filled with Ambrosial Nectar He crosses over the sea of pain, O Beloved, and swims across the terrifying world-ocean One who is pleasing to His Will, He unites with Himself, O Beloved; he is forever true

Sikhism 6902 | 
Remember Waheguru: the One God all the time. During the day and during the night and sing His praises. With Him on oneís side one crosses over this world ocean into the safety of the One God. He will unite you with Him

A s far as possible, do not associate with the faithless cynics, O Beloved Meeting with them, the Lord is forgotten, O Beloved, and you rise and depart with a blackened face

Sikhism 6901 | 
One must remember Waheguru: the One God who gives us everything. Forgetting Him will only lead to pain. Mixing with those who remember Him will encourage one to do the same and obtain His love

D o not indulge in envy and bickering, O my mind By continually doing good deeds, comforts are obtained, O my mind

Sikhism 6900 | 
Good deeds add to merits that Waheguru: the One God wants us to gain. Good deeds are not bickering about or envying others. It is not about why they have things that I should have. What happens and what one gets is in His hukum (His Order) so accept what one has and continue to indulge in good deeds and thoughts. He is the knower of our hearts and He will provide

T he Supreme Lord God takes care of His humble servant The slanderers are not allowed to stay; they are pulled out by their roots, like useless weeds

Sikhism 6899 | 
Never slander another. Remember we are all His creation and He exists in all His creation. He does not take lightly to slanders. Those who slander the truthful will be pulled out by the roots like a weed. Be humble and do not let anger make your tongue utter evil comments

T o take what rightfully belong to another, is like a Muslim eating pork and a Hindu eating beef Our Guru, Our Spiritual Guide, stands by us, if we do not eat these carcasses By mere talk, people do not earn passage to heaven. Salvation comes only from the practice of Truth

Sikhism 6898 | 
When one takes what is not theirs to take and makes excuses to justify their action, then falseness expands within one. Through false deeds only falsehood is obtained. Good truthful actions speak volumes and through this truthful path salvation can be obtained

O ne who is not affected by pleasure or pain, who looks upon friend and enemy alike Says Guru Nanak, listen, mind: know that such a person is liberated

Sikhism 6897 | 
ANG 1427 SGGSJi 
One must realise that happiness and sadness are momentary and these moments will pass. See Waheguruís light; the One Godís light in friends and foe. The path of liberation is in seeing equality in all

I have burnt in the fire the clever devices and praises of the world Some speak good of me, and some speak ill of me, but I have surrendered my body to You

Sikhism 6896 | 
When something is right but not popular amongst people, do not focus on peoplesí comments. One should go ahead and do the right thing. Waheguruís path is truth from beginning to eternity and opinions come and go. Other may have their own opinions; stay steadfast on the path of truth

D onít indulge in slander for any reason, for everything is the creation of the Master One who is blessed with the Mercy of my Almighty, meditates on HIS Name in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy

Sikhism 6895 | 
One must not slander others as all that happens is controlled by Waheguru: the One God thus commenting on what has happened is foolish. One must concentrate on more fruitful activities like joining the congregation of holy people and recite the name of Waheguru

O ne obtains what is pre-ordained; why does he blame others? If one, as Gurmukh, hears and believes in the Name, the charm against poison, his mind becomes content

Sikhism 6894 | 
ANG 1009 SGGSJi 
Remember that what one gets is what one deserves. There is nothing in life that one got that they should not have as all is ordained by Waheguru, the One God. As a Gurmukh (follower of truthful living) contentment becomes a virtue that helps accept and realise the power of Waheguru

T he prayer of Your Holy Saints is, ďMay I never forget You, for even one breath or morsel of food.Ē Whatever is pleasing to Your Will is good; by Your Sweet Will, my affairs are adjusted

Sikhism 6893 | 
The way of a good honest life is remembering Waheguru: the One Godís name and staying connected to Him constantly. He gives us all we need. One must accept His will in every moment of oneís life

I have totally forgotten my jealousy of others Since I found the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy No one is my enemy, and no one is a stranger. I get along with everyone

Sikhism 6892 | 
ANG 1299 SGGSJi 
When one is in the company of the truthful people one becomes accepting of others and jealously is nowhere to be found. Learn to erase the emotions of hatred towards oneís foe or rival and live in a state that no one is my enemy as we are all His children

L et us speak of goodness, wherever we go and sit; let us skim off the Ambrosial Nectar, and drink it in One who has a basket of fragrant virtues, should enjoy its fragrance

Sikhism 6891 | 
One should shun away from gossip and always speak of the goodness of others. Focus on good similarities and share good thoughts and deeds with others

T ell me: who should we call good or bad? Behold Waheguru; the truth is revealed to the Gurmukh

Sikhism 6890 | 
Being with the holy and truthful ones will remind one of the true fact that no one is good or bad. We are all created by Waheguru: the One God and He is in all and we belong to each other. One should try not to see the bad in others and even if someone seems bad, look close and find the good in them. One should treat all equally and be polite to everyone

M y own evil actions have kept me separate from Him; why should I accuse anyone else? Bestow Your Mercy, God, and save me! No one else can bestow Your Mercy

Sikhism 6889 | 
Remember no one else is responsible for oneís actions. One should not blame others for oneís own spiritual condition. Pray to Waheguru, the One God daily for His mercy and assistance as no one else can help overcome oneís misery

P raise the Great True Guru; within Him is the greatest greatness When the Lord causes us to meet the Guru, then we come to see them

Sikhism 6888 | 
Oneís actions speak volumes on what sort of a person one is. If we are good and praise Waheguru then He leads us on a path where we meet a Guru and our life is on the right track. Keep Him in mind and pray regularly and He will guide you

D onít blame others, O people as you plant, so shall you harvest

Sikhism 6887 | 
One must believe that one eats the fruit of the seed that one plants. If one plants a cactus then one cannot expect it to blossom into a beautiful rose. Remember one harvests what one plants

H e endures both bad and good equally When egotism is silenced, then one comes to know the One Waheguru. Such a Gurmukh intuitively merges in Waheguru

Sikhism 6886 | 
ANG 1076 SGGSJi 
When seeing a bad quality in someone, treat it in the same manner as goodness. One must realise that everyone had good and bad within them. By seeing otherís good and bad equally reduces oneís ego. Remember that the bad one seeís in others is a reflection of the bad they have in themselves

H e has no pain - he is totally at peace. With his eyes, he sees only the One Lord No one seems evil to him - all are good. There is no defeat - he is totally victorious

Sikhism 6885 | 
ANG 1302 SGGSJi 
Believe in Waheguru: One God and be at peace as there is no sadness once the One God has been accepted. Happiness is a state of mind that exists when seeing the One God in everyone around us. One should try and stop duality in thought, sight and action

H e sees pleasure and pain as both the same, along with good and bad in the world Wisdom, understanding and awareness are found in the Name of the Lord. In the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, embrace love for the Guru

Sikhism 6884 | 
ANG 1256 SGGSJi 
One must face sorrow and happiness in the same spirit. Remember the One Lord always and be in the company of the sat sangat (truthful people). Concur the mind and channel oneís love towards Waheguru

M ake friends with the Gurmukhs, and focus your consciousness on the True Guru The root of birth and death will be cut away, and then, you shall find peace, O friend

Sikhism 6883 | 
ANG 1421 SGGSJi 
One should make friends with holy people, in whose company inspiration to meet Waheguru: One God is achieved. Choose friends carefully as truthful and holy friends will connect one to righteousness. Know that happiness can be obtained when in the company of sat sangat (truthful people)

M y friendship is with the One Lord alone; I am in love with the One Lord alone The Lord is my only friend; my companionship is with the One Lord alone

Sikhism 6882 | 
Feel the One Godís existence within oneself and around oneself. Adopt Him as your best friend. Converse with Him daily and see how He responds. See Him in all. Think of Him before going to sleep and when waking up. Shed all doubts and move forward

D onít blame anyone else; meditate on your God Serving Him, great peace is obtained; O mind, sing His Praises

Sikhism 6881 | 
Rather than blaming others remember the One God Waheguru and our mind will be at peace. By remembering Waheguru always happiness is obtained. Think positive at all times. If the mind is filled with Waheguruís remembrance then know that nature is on your side

G o and ask the happy, pure soulbrides, how did they obtain their Husband Lord? Whatever the Lord does, accept that as good; do away with your own cleverness and self-will

Sikhism 6880 | 
One must accept the present without the regret of past and fear of future. Always be grateful and proceed in life with confidence. Remember the One God Waheguru and stay in His Will. Be in the company of those who praise Him and live in His Will

A bandoning the world of beauty, and beautiful clothes, one must depart He obtains the rewards of his good and bad deeds

Sikhism 6879 | 
Know that this physical form has to be abandoned and the athma (soul) travels beyond this physical world. One must realise that after death nothing goes along other than the deeds (good and bad). Know that one only receives the fruits of oneís own deeds therefore engage in performing good deeds

G od is the Inner-knower of all hearts; God dwells in every place So who should we call evil? Behold the Word of the Shabad (Gurus teachings), and lovingly dwell upon it

Sikhism 6878 | 
One should experience the One God is omnipresent within His entire creation. So one should see, hear and feel the One God. When one prays He listens; where one goes He is present; what one thinks He is aware; and when one meets someone see Him in them

I am not called good, and I see none who are bad Guru Nanak says, one who conquers and subdues his ego, becomes just like the True Waheguru

Sikhism 6877 | 
ANG 1015 SGGSJi 
Know that we are not perfect and others are not always wrong. One should not see weaknesses in others as this is only the reflection of the ego within. Realise that our real self has God within, think global as we all are forms of the One Lord. Everything belong to the One Lord Waheguru

D o not say that anyone is good or bad Renounce your arrogant pride, and grasp the Feet of the Lord

Sikhism 6876 | 
One should not say any word that may hurt others. Know that we are not capable of comprehending all the events that take place in our lifetimes as our comprehension may only be our minds illusion. All that one has to do is let go of oneís ego and hold on tight to the Lords feet by remembering Him at all times. One should stop talking about the mistakes made by others, instead should concentrate on the good virtues in others

F areed, look upon pleasure and pain as the same; eradicate corruption from your heart Whatever pleases the Lord God is good; understand this, and you will reach His Court

Sikhism 6875 | 
ANG 1383 SGGSJi 
Appreciate and be grateful in the Will of the One God, as all that is happening in the present, has happened in the past and will happen in the future, as is the Will of God. Although one may not see it as good, all that God, Waheguru does is for our good. Appreciate the truth that all that happens is in accordance with the Will of God

O Nanak, you alone are foolish; all the rest of the world is good That body in which the Naam does not well up - that body becomes miserable

Sikhism 6874 | 
ANG 1328 SGGSJi 
One should know oneself as with least knowledge and others with more. Praising Waheguru, the self ego diminishes. Keep in mind that with the remembrance of Waheguru, the lifetime is not a waste. One should spend time improving rather than regretting previous failures, learn and move on

H e endure both bad and good equally When egotism is silenced, then one comes to know the One Waheguru. Such a Gurmukh intuitively merges in the Waheguru

Sikhism 6873 | 
ANG 1076 SGGSJi 
One should endure good and bad the same and remain in a constant state at all times. One should be calm and appreciative of the experiences and learning gained during difficult times

H e alone is known to be insane, when he falls in love with his Lord and Master He sees himself as bad, and all the rest of the world as good

Sikhism 6872 | 
One should realise that one is to be connected to the Waheguru: the One Lord. One should look within at oneís own weaknesses and virtues in others. Remember Waheguru exists in all His creation so love Him and His beings

W hy do you not keep Him in your consciousness, you mad man? Forgetting the Lord, your own virtues shall rot away

Sikhism 6871 | 
One should know that all their virtues and strength belong to Waheguru: the One God. He is the giver and one is the beneficiary of these virtues

D ay and night they receive the rewards of their own actions Donít blame anyone else; your own actions lead you astray

Sikhism 6870 | 
This jeev (being) receives the returns of own earned deeds during day and night. Therefore who do we blame as deeds performed are creating illusions which lead us astray. One should react positively to favourable and unfavourable events. To recognise that what one receives in their life is the result of their own doings. One should not blame anyone, instead should focus on doing the right thing

W hose ears do not listen to slander against anyone Who deems himself to be the worst of all

Sikhism 6869 | 
Never listen to slander of any other person (Note: Ninda or slander means acts of manipulating the actual fact to portrait others merit as demerits). In this manner know ourselves as the worst compare to all others. One should stop slandering and listening to slander both at home and outside

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