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D on’t run too far; you will have to return the same distance.

quote 6731  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Ecclesiastes R. 11:9 

V irtue bears its fruits.

quote 6705  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Tehillim 

D on’t criticize a wicked man who abandons his wickedness—and repents.

quote 6674  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash, Proverbs 6:30 

O n what day is all the world equal? When rain falls!

quote 6673  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Tehillim 

M any pens are broken, and seas of ink consumed, to describe things that never happened.

quote 6657  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Tanchuma 

E ven if all of a slander is not believed, half of it is.

quote 6629  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Genesis R. 56:4 

A man is lucky if his wife, his studies and his livelihood all come from his own town.

quote 6623  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Mishle 

A false oath is desecration of the Holy Name.

quote 6572  |   The Misdrashs
Torat Kohanim 

A man should always be happy in his lot, then will he be pleasant and so all his deeds.

quote 6570  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Le’Olam 

I dleness causes boredom.

quote 6548  |   The Misdrashs
Ketubot 5:5 

I n a war stay where you are, in famine shift your ground!

quote 6524  |   The Misdrashs
Sifre (Midrash halakhah) 

T he door which is not opened for a beggar will open for a doctor.

quote 6502  |   The Misdrashs
Pesikta Rabati 

A ll that you do, do only out of love!

quote 6495  |   The Misdrashs
Sifre (Midrash halakhah) 

A father suffers for the troubles of his son.

quote 6483  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Sekhel Tov 

I f others speak ill of you, let the worst they say seem a trifle; if you speak ill of others, let the trivial seem enormous.

quote 6481  |   The Misdrashs
Sifre (Midrash halakhah) 89b 

F rom a man’s words you may know if he likes you or hates you.

quote 6476  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Mishle 

W hoever lives by Torah, good deeds, humility, and the fear of Heaven, will be saved from doom.

quote 6468  |   The Misdrashs
Pesikta R. 198a 

I f a man break a light precept (commandment), he will end by breaking a grave one.

quote 6445  |   The Misdrashs
Sifre (Midrash halakhah) 

W ho tells his friend’s secret sheds blood.

quote 6441  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Gadol Ugdula 

O ne should respect one’s fatherin- law like one’s own father.

quote 6427  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Tehillim 

O nly the one who eats the dish knows how it tastes.

quote 6404  |   The Misdrashs
Midrash Deuteronomy R. 

T o serve the Lord your God with all your heart" [Deuteronomy 11.13].
What is a service with the heart? It is prayer.

quote 4372  |   The Misdrashs

R abbi Phinehas the Priest said in reference to Proverbs 11.21, "If you
have fulfilled a command, do not seek its reward from God straightaway,
lest you not be acquitted of sin, but be regarded as wicked because you
have not sought to cause your children to inherit anything. For if
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had sought the reward of the good deeds which
they performed, how could the seed of these righteous men [e.g., Israel]
have been delivered?"

quote 4323  |   The Misdrashs
Exodus Rabbah 44.3 

I f a man perform a religious precept, one angel is assigned to him; if he perform two precepts, two angels are assigned to him; if he perform all the precepts, many angels are assigned to him; as it is said, "For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all thy ways" (Psalm 91.11). Who are these angels? They are his guardians from the harmful spirits; as it is said, "A thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand" (Psalm 91.7).

quote 4256  |   The Misdrashs

G od said to Israel, "Because you have seen me in many likenesses, there are not therefore many gods. But it is ever the same God: I am the Lord your God." Rabbi Levi said, "God appeared to them like a mirror, in which many faces can be reflected; a thousand people look at it; it looks at all of them." So when God spoke to the Israelites, each one thought that God spoke individually to him.

quote 4104  |   The Misdrashs
Pesikta Kahana 109b-110a 

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