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P ity orphans and be compassionate to widows, respect the elderly and be kind to the young.

quote 7705  |   The Tai Shang Gan Yin Pian
translation of David K. Jordan 

A ccumulate virtue and merits. Be compassionate towards all beings. Be loyal to your duties and always seek welfare and benefits not for yourself but for others. Be filial to your parents and kind to your brothers and sisters. Correct yourself and (then you can) reform others.

quote 7704  |   The Tai Shang Gan Yin Pian

F ollow the path of virtue, and avoid the path of vice and evil. Do not follow evil paths, nor sin in secret.

quote 7703  |   The Tai Shang Gan Yin Pian

H e who seeks power and position in order to serve all mankind well can be entrusted with the task of ruling the world. He who wishes to maintain his optimal physical condition for the welfare of all people in the world can be given the custody of the world.

quote 7702  | 
chap. 13 

T hose of utmost faithfulness can transform their surroundings and touch heaven, earth and spirits. With utmost sincerity, they can overcome any obstacle throughout the universe . . .

quote 7701  |   The Liezi

T he highest virtue is like water. Water nourishes all beings without competing with them, settles where none would like to be and thus approximates the Way. Wherever such a virtuous person exists, the place will be improved. Their mind is calm like a deep pool. They treat people with impartial love and their words can be trusted. They govern effectively with righteousness. They deal with matters appropriately, and are good at utilising their strengths and seizing opportunities. Only in the absence of competition will we all live in peace.

quote 7700  | 
chap. 8 

T he Way of heaven nourishes without any harm. The Way of sages accomplishes without competing with anyone.

quote 7699  | 
chap. 81 

A ll is sheltered by heaven and accommodated by earth, unconditionally.

quote 7698  | 

H eaven and earth coexist with me, and I am One with all beings.

quote 7697  | 

T he universe is ever changing, and everything is interrelated as One. Once we realise the oneness, there will be nothing we do not know. But if we do not realise the oneness, there will be nothing that we truly know.

quote 7696  |   Wenzi

T hat without form is oneness. Oneness is the origin of the universe. . . . Existence arises from nonexistence, and the Full emerges from the Empty. . . . The Way is the oneness from which all beings arise. Therefore, the principle of oneness is universally applicable. Understanding the oneness enables one to know all the universe.

quote 7695  |   Wenzi

H eaven attained oneness and therefore became clear. Earth attained oneness and therefore became tranquil. Spirits attained oneness and therefore became divine. Valleys attained oneness and therefore became fertile. All beings attained oneness and therefore flourished. Leaders attained oneness and therefore rectified the world.

quote 7694  | 
chap. 39 

T he Way produced One. One produced Two (yin and yang). Two produced Three. Three produced all beings. All beings comprise yin and yang, and the balance of which is harmony.

quote 7693  | 
chap. 42 

T he words of the ten thousand scrolls and scriptures of the immortals are all the same, the golden elixir, only this is the foundational teaching.

quote 7466  |   Zhang Bo Duan
The Chapters on Awakening to the Real (Wu Zhen Pian) 

A ll people have [within them] the medicine of long life; [yet,] self-assured, foolish, and deluded, [they] vainly toss it away.

quote 7465  |   Zhang Bo Duan
The Chapters on Awakening to the Real (Wu Zhen Pian) 

[ If you are going to] study immortality then it must be celestial immortality, [which] alone is the most superior doctrine of the golden elixir.

quote 7464  |   Zhang Bo Duan
The Chapters on Awakening to the Real (Wu Zhen Pian) 

K nowing the Tao of No-Emptiness, you can observe all phenomena without obstacles, enter all of the miraculous doors, and by your own accord achieve realization. You can be free from all the webs of doubt, and detach from your perceptive fixation on ďemptinessĒ. You can cleanse the six senses, and sever all evil obstacles.

quote 7463  |   The Tai Shang Sheng Xuan Xiao Zai Hu Ming Miao Jing

A n ancient Saint does not omit a smallest virtue, and does not keep a smallest evil.

quote 7462  |   The 100 Diseases & Medicines

L ord Lao Jun says: Eliminating disasters and relieving sufferings are not as easy as preventing them from happening. Treating illnesses and healing diseases are not as auspicious as taking precautions against them.

quote 7461  |   The 100 Diseases & Medicines

T he great Tao is omnipresent, mystical, and empty; It never fails to respond to any thoughts. Thus, by the aid of precept-keeping, one can refine his physical body to become an Immortal of Reality

quote 7460  |   The Tai Shang Lao Jun Jie Jing

B lessed is the man who speak what is good, who think what is good, who practice what is good. If but each single day he would persevere in these three ways of goodness, within three years Heaven will surely shower on him blessings.

quote 7459  |   The Tai Shang Gan Yin Pian

I f a manís heart be awakened to the good, though the good be not yet accomplished, good spirits verily are already following him.

quote 7458  |   The Tai Shang Gan Yin Pian

T ai Shang (Lao Zi) says, ĎThere are no special doors for calamity and happiness (in menís lot); they come as men themselves call them. Their recompenses follow good and evil as the shadow follows the substance.

quote 7457  |   The Tai Shang Gan Yin Pian

T o observe the Tao of Heaven, and grasp its method of operation, is the limit of all achievement.

quote 7456  |   The Yellow Emperorís scripture of the Unconscious Unification

T he human spirit is fond of purity, but the mind disturbs it; the human mind is fond of stillness, but desires lead it along. If the mind can be constant without desires, then the mind will become still; when the mind has settled, then the spirit will be pure.

quote 7455  |   The Qing Jing Jing

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