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A wise person of sharp intelligence should be awake, even amongst those who sleep; he should not be complacent, because time is relentless and the body is weak, (So) he should ever be vigilant like the fabulous bird, Bharanda.

quote 6139  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 13/163 

H e who sleeps, his many excellent things of this world are lost unknowingly. Therefore, remain awake all the while and destroy the Karmas, accumulated in the past.

quote 6138  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 13/161 

N o mountain is higher than the Meru; nothing is more expansive than the sky; similarly know that there is no religion equal to the religion of Ahimsa in this world. Why do you indulge?

quote 6137  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/158 

A s per scriptures the self is both violent and non-violent. He who is careful is non-violent and who is careless is violent.

quote 6136  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/157 

E ven an intention of killing is the cause of the bondage of Karma, whether you actually kill or not; from the real point of view, this is the nature of the bondage of Karma.

quote 6135  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/154 

T he being whom you want to kill is the very same as you are yourself, the being whom you want to be kept under obedience is the very same as you yourself.

quote 6134  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/152 

K illing a living being is killing one’s own self; showing compassion to a living being is showing compassion to oneself. He who desires his own good, should avoid causing any harm to a living being.

quote 6133  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/151 

J ust as pain is not agreeable to you, it is so with others. Knowing this principle of equality, treat others with respect and compassion.

quote 6132  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/150 

W hether knowingly or unknowingly one should not kill living beings, mobile or immobile, in this world nor should cause them to be killed by others.

quote 6131  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/149 

A ll the living beings wish to live and not to die; that is why nirgranthas (persongages devoid of attachment) prohibit the killing of living beings.

quote 6130  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 12/148 

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