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T he more distant and loftier the ideal, the greater its power to uplift the soul.

6722 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

T he dreams of ones youth are pleasant, and one does not easily surrender them.

6686 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

E ven God will not scorn a bruised and broken heart.

6682 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

N o pupil will attend to his lessons properly unless he respects his teacher.

6653 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

M edicaments have multiplied just as diseases have.

6649 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

T he simplest and clearest truth is the most difficult of wide acceptance.

6515 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

W hen a sharp sword is at his throat, a man does not listen to sense or logic.

6496 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

W ho professes to reform religion is in my eyes as if he sought to cool fire

6457 |   Achad Haam, Judaism

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