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W hether your destiny is glory or disgrace,
Purify yourself of hatred and love of self.
Polish your mirror; and that sublime Beauty
From the regions of mystery
Will flame out in your heart
As it did for the saints and prophets.
Then, with your heart on fire with that Splendor,
The secret of the Beloved will no longer be hidden.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3138 | 
translation by Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut - 'Perfume of the Desert' 

H idden behind the veil of mystery, Beauty is eternally free from the slightest stain of imperfection. From the atoms of the world, He created a multitude of mirrors; into each one of them He cast the image of His Face; to the awakened eye, anything that appears beautiful is only a reflection of that Face.
Now that you have seen the reflection, hurry to its Source; in that primordial Light the reflection vanishes completely. Do not linger far from that primal Source; when the reflection fades, you will be lost in darkness. The reflection is as transient as the smile of a rose; if you want permanence, turn towards the Source; if you want fidelity, look to the Mine of faithfulness. Why tear your soul apart over something here one moment and gone the next?

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3137 | 
translation by Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut - 'Perfume of the Desert' 

G od and Love are as body and soul.
God is the mine, Love is the diamond.
They have been together
since the beginning …
in every beat of every heart.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3064 | 
Nicholson, R. H. The Mystics of Islam. New York: Shocken Books, 1975, p. 81. 

A ll through eternity God unveils
His exquisite form.
In the solitude of nothingness
He holds a mirror to
His own Face and beholds
His own beauty.
He is the knower and the known, the seer and the seen;
No eye but
His own has ever looked upon this Universe.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3063 | 
Nicholson, R. H. The Mystics of Islam. New York: Shocken Books, 1975, p. 81. 

I f love manifests itself within you, it has its origins in beauty. You are nothing but a mirror in which beauty is reflected. Because beauty and its reflection are both from that one source, it is both treasure and treasure-house.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°2997 | 
Jami, Essential Sufism, by James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Harper SanFrancisco, p.121 

B e the captive of Love in order that you may be truly free -free from coldness and the worship of self. Thousands have passed who were wise and learned but who were strangers to Love. No name is left to them, nothing to proclaim their fame and dignity or to relate their history in the march of time. Although you may attempt to do a hundred things in this world, only Love will give you release from the bondage of yourself.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°2996 | 
Jami, Essential Sufism, by James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Harper SanFrancisco, p.115 

H appy is he who is able to escape from the lower self and feel the gentle breeze of friendship. His heart is so full of the Beloved that there is no longer room for anyone else. The Beloved flows through his every vein and nerve. Every atom of his body is filled with the Friend.
The true lovers can no longer perceive either the scent or the color of their own selves. They have no interest in anything other than the Beloved. Their heart is attached neither to throne nor crown. Greed and lust have packed their bags and left their street. If they speak, it is to the Friend. If they seek, it is from the Friend. They no longer take themselves into account, and live only for love. They, leave the raw and turn to the ripe, abandoning completely the abode of the self

Islam / Sufism Quote n°2979 | 
Essential Sufism, by James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Harper SanFrancisco, p.99 

W hen you see beauty and perfection in this world, it is nothing but a sign of Him. A beautiful creature is merely a single blossom from the vast garden of God. But remember that a picture fades, a flower dies, and the reflection in the mirror is eclipsed by the real Light. It is God who is real and remains so forever. So, why waste your time over something that is here today and gone tomorrow? Go directly to the Source without delay.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°2893 | 
Essential Sufism, by James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Harper SanFrancisco, p.74 

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