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W ho tells a secret will forfeit trust, and find no true friend.

Judaism 6736 | 

S hame not the old: we shall all be numbered among them.

Judaism 6709 | 

W here there’s music, pour not out talk.

Judaism 6642 | 
Apocrypha: Ben Sira 

A ccustom not your lips to use obscene speech!

Judaism 6626 | 

T he first man knew it not perfectly, neither will the last search it thoroughly; for its understanding is wider than the sea and its counsel deeper than the abyss. [Torah]

Judaism 6540 | 
24: 28,29 

E nvy not a wicked man, for you know not what his end will be!

Judaism 6536 | 

I dleness wreaks much mischief.

Judaism 6454 | 

F lee from a sin as from a snake, for if you draw nigh it will bite you!

Judaism 6428 | 

L et your friends be many but your confidant only one in a thousand!

Judaism 6413 | 

H onour your physician according to your need of him! For verily the Lord has created him; and from the Lord comes his wisdom.

Judaism 6396 | 

W isdom was the first of all created things;
Intelligent purpose has been there from the beginning.

Judaism 3033 | 
The New English Bible. New York: Oxford University Press, 1961, Chapter 1, verses 1-10, and Chapter 4, verses 11-13. 

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