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T his world is nothing but a dance of shadows,
A line drawn between darkness and light, joy and oppression, time and eternity.
Learn to read this subtle line for it tells all the secrets of creation.

Let go of everything,
Completely lose yourself on this path,
Then you will have no doubts.
With absolute conviction you'll cry out-
I am God!
I am the one I have found!

In the light I praised you and never knew it.
In the dark I stayed with you and never knew it.
I always thought that I was me,
But no-I was you and never knew it.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3062 | 
Shahram Shiva and Jonathan Star from: La' amat (Divine Flashes), flashes 7, 14, 25, 27. 

H is Light rose,
I found it in my own heart-
It is now my Light you see shining!

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3061 | 
Shahram Shiva and Jonathan Star from: La' amat (Divine Flashes), flashes 7, 14, 25, 27. 

L ove courses through everything,
No, Love is everything.
How can you say there is no love when nothing but Love exists?
All that you see has appeared because of Love.
All shines from Love,
All pulses with Love,
All flows from Love
No, once again, all is Love!

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3060 | 
Shahram Shiva and Jonathan Star from: La' amat (Divine Flashes), flashes 7, 14, 25, 27. 

I look into the mirror and see my own beauty;
I see the Truth of the universe revealing itself as me.
I rise in the sky as the morning Sun. Do not be surprised
Every particle of creation is my own form.

What are the holy spirits?
- My essence revealed.
And the human body?
-The vessel of my own form.
What is the ocean that encircles the world?
A drop of my abundant Grace; And the purest light that fills every soul?
A spark of my own illumination.

What is the water that grants eternal life?
A drop of my divine nectar.
And the breath that brings the dead back to life?
A puff of my breath, the breath of all life.

I am Light itself, reflected in the heart of everyone.
I am the treasure of the Divine Name, the shining Essence of all things.

From the highest heavens to the bedrock of the earth
All is but a shadow of my splendor.

If I dropped the veil covering my true essence
The world would be lost in a flash of brilliant light.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3059 | 
Shahram Shiva and Jonathan Star from: La' amat (Divine Flashes), flashes 7, 14, 25, 27. 

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