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G o sweep out the chamber of your heart.
Make it ready to be the dwelling place of the Beloved.
When you depart out, He will enter it.
In you, void of yourself, will He display His beauties.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3144 | 
'Rose Garden of Mystery' 

T hose who live there possess neither head nor feet, neither faith nor infidelity.
Drinking the wine of dispassion they have renounced good and evil.
Sipping from a cup of bliss, without lips or mouth,
They have cast away
All thoughts of name and fame,
All talk of marvels and visions,
All dreams of secret chambers and distant worlds.

Now with blackened faces staring at a wall, or faces reddened by the wine of Unity. Now in a mystic whirl, dancing in the arms of their Beloved, losing head and foot like the turning heavens. With every strain the minstrel plays, the rapture of the unseen world unfolds; With every note of this mystic song a veil is torn from a priceless treasure.

They are blind to this world, Indifferent to great and small, Ignorant of Master and disciple.

They guzzle down cup after cup of wine and still they want more! They sweep ancient dust from their souls. They grab at the Beloved's dress like a bunch of drunkards!

So who are these guys? They are Sufis.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3070 | 
The Secret Rose Garden 

T he tavern-haunter wanders alone in a desolate place, seeing the whole world as a mirage.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3069 | 
The Secret Rose Garden 

T he tavern-haunter is a seeker of Unity, a soul freed from the shackles of himself.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3068 | 
The Secret Rose Garden 

T rough the chamber of the heart is small, it's large enough for the Lord of both worlds to gladly make His home there.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3067 | 
The Secret Rose Garden 

T he eye is not strong enough to look at the brilliant sun,
But you can watch its light reflected in water.
Pure Being is too bright to behold, yet it can be seen reflected in the mirror of this world …
Every particle of the world is a mirror.
In each atom lies the light of a thousand suns.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3066 | 
The Secret Rose Garden 

W hat are "I" and "You"?
Just lattices
In the niches of a lamp
Through which the One Light radiates.

"I" and "You" are the veil
Between heaven and earth;
Lift this veil and you will see
How all sects and religions are one.

Lift this veil and you will ask---
When "I" and "You" do not exist
What is mosque?
What is synagogue?
What is fire temple?

Islam / Sufism Quote n°3065 | 
translation by Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut - 'Perfume of the Desert' 

G o you, sweep out the dwelling room of your heart, prepare it to be the home of the Beloved. When you go out, He will come in. Within you, when you are free from self, He will show His beauty.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°2980 | 
Essential Sufism, by James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Harper SanFrancisco, p.102 

I " and "you' are but the lattices,

In the niches of a lamp
Through which the One Light shines.
"I" and "you' are the veil
Between heaven and earth;

Lift this veil and you will see
No longer the bonds of sects and creeds.

Islam / Sufism Quote n°2866 | 
Essential Sufism, by James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Harper SanFrancisco, p.39 

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