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Life and teaching of Shao Yong

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Shao Yong : Biography

As a man, he was much respected. For forty years he lived in Loyang in poverty. He was offered two minor offices but he declined. When he approached in a small cart, all people, whether adults or children, welcomed him with warm smiles. According to the Sung shih (History of the Sung Dynasty, 960-1279), PNP, 427:18b-21b, Shao learned from Li Chih-ts'ai, a magistrate from Pe-hai in modern Shantung, certain diagrams connected with the Book of Changes, out of which Shao's theory of diagrams and numbers evolved. Li learned them from the Taoist Ch'en T'uan (c. 906-989). Shao supported himself by farming and called himself "Mr. Happiness" and his place "Happy Nest." Out of respect, many prominent scholars and officials, including eminent Ssu-ma Kuang (1019-1086), often visited him. Ch'eng Hao and Ch'eng I were his great friends. About 1060 he was appointed keeper of records in the board of public works and about a decade later a militia judge. In both occasions he refused to assume office. See Bruce, Chn Hsi and His Masters, pp. 31-35.


Shao Yong : Bibliography

- Shao yong (1012-1077) poete et cosmologue

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