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I f you give to charity while you are poor, you will eventually give in days of wealth; if you do not give while you are rich, you will eventually abstain from giving because of poverty.

The Talmud, 123 

T he angry man's speech is like the water which overflows from a boiling kettle.

The Talmud, 7:9 

W ho consorts with the unclean becomes himself unclean; who consorts with clean is cleansed.

The Talmud, 12:12 

D o not permit thy ear to hear anything to which it is not able to listen.

The Talmud, 1:4 

T he first step in transgression is evil thought, the second scoffing, the third pride, the fourth outrage, the fifth idleness, the sixth hatred, and the seventh an evil eye.

The Talmud, 6:2 

S eek not greatness for thyself, and desire not honour. Practise more than thou learnest. And lust not for the table of kings . . . .

The Talmud, Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, 6:5 

W ho is wise? He that learns from all men .

The Talmud, Tr. Charles Taylor, Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, 4:1 

T rust not in thyself until the day of thy death .

The Talmud, Tr. Charles Taylor, Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, 2:5 

S ay not: When I have leisure I will study, perchance thou mayest not have leisure.

The Talmud, Tr. Charles Taylor, Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, 2:5 

L et thy house be opened wide; and let the needy be thy household .

The Talmud, Tr. Charles Taylor, Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, 1:5 

M ake thy Thorah an ordinance; say little and do much; and receive every man with a pleasant expression of countenance.

The Talmud, Tr. Charles Taylor, Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, 1:15 

T hy good conduct will make thee friends, but thy evil conduct will make thee enemies.

The Talmud, 5:6 

H e who ponders upon his conduct brings much good to himself.

The Talmud, 9:3 

T he Evil Impulse is sweet in the beginning and bitter in the end.

The Talmud, Shabbath 14:3 

W hat wisdom places as a crown for her head, humility places as a sole for her feet.

The Talmud, Shabbath, 1:13 

T he sleep of the wicked is a benefit to them and a boon to the world.

Sanhedrin 8:5 

W here men truly wish to go, there their feet will manage to take them.

Sukkah 53a 

I f it be as clear to you as the light of morn, say it! If it be not, say it not!


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