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T he sleep of the wicked is a benefit to them and a boon to the world.

6744 |  Judaism
Source : Sanhedrin 8:5  

F or many afflictions, silence is the best remedy.

6733 |  Judaism
Source : Megilah 18a  

W here men truly wish to go, there their feet will manage to take them.

6730 |  Judaism
Source : Sukkah 53a  

I t is bounden duty to perform the will of a dying man.

6727 |  Judaism
Source : Ta’anit  

I f it be as clear to you as the light of morn, say it! If it be not, say it not!

6726 |  Judaism
Source : Sanhedrin  

R espect an old man who has lost his learning: remember that the fragments of the Tablets broken by Moses were preserved alongside the new.

6721 |  Judaism
Source : Berakot 8b  

I t is better not to give alms than to give it in public, with embarrassment for the recipient.

6719 |  Judaism
Source : Hagiga  

T he talk of the child in the street is that of his father or mother at home.

6716 |  Judaism
Source : Sotah  

I f you do not know what there is on earth, do you expect to know what there is in heaven?

6710 |  Judaism
Source : Sanhedrin  

A man with no sense deserves no pity.

6708 |  Judaism
Source : Sanhedrin  

S tudy leads to action.

6706 |  Judaism
Source : Kiddushin  

M uch have I learned from my teachers, more from my colleagues, but most from my students

6698 |  Judaism
Source : Ta’anit 7b  

A corpse does not feel the knife.

6697 |  Judaism
Source : Shabbat  

W ho shames his friend in public is as one that sheds blood.

6694 |  Judaism
Source : Bava Metzia  

I n your town, your reputation counts; in another, your clothes do.

6689 |  Judaism
Source : Shabbat  

A nger in a home is like rottenness in fruit.

6677 |  Judaism
Source : Sota 3b  

L ittle children won’t let you sleep; big children won’t let you live.

6672 |  Judaism
Source : Nedarim  

S lander is in the same category with murder.

6668 |  Judaism
Source : Talmud Yerushalmi, Pe’ah I  

T he wheel always comes full circle.

6665 |  Judaism
Source : Shabbat  

F ish die out of water; men die without law and order.

6664 |  Judaism
Source : Avoda Zara 4a  

T he fool always jumps in front.

6662 |  Judaism
Source : Megillah  

I t is not the place that honors its man, but the man that honors his place.

6659 |  Judaism
Source : Ta’anit  

M any have drunk from this cup of mourning and many will drink.

6654 |  Judaism
Source : Ketubot  

E ven if a man is a rabbi, when his father enters, the son must rise [in the presence of his pupils].

6652 |  Judaism
Source : Horayot 13b  

A nger and wrath are angels of destruction.

6646 |  Judaism
Source : Talmud Yerushalmi, Ta’anit  

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