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I f your wife be chaste, why should you watch her? If she be not, you will watch her in vain.

Judaism quote 6531 | 

P overty in a home is worse than fifty plagues.

Judaism quote 6532 |  Bava Batra 116a  

W hen the going seems rough, look at the jewels you’re carrying.

Judaism quote 6533 | 

M an was given two ears and one tongue, so that he may listen more than speak.

Judaism quote 6534 | 

T he wife of a scholar is accounted one, too.

Judaism quote 6535 |  Avoda Zara  

E nvy not a wicked man, for you know not what his end will be!

Judaism quote 6536 |  9:11  

W ho respects the wicked is as bad as an idolater.

Judaism quote 6537 | 

O ne misfortune invites another.

Judaism quote 6538 | 

W ho answers Amen is greater than the suppliant.

Judaism quote 6539 |  Berakhot  

T he first man knew it not perfectly, neither will the last search it thoroughly; for its understanding is wider than the sea and its counsel deeper than the abyss. [Torah]

Judaism quote 6540 |  24: 28,29  

L ove thy neighbour as thyself!

Judaism quote 6542 |  Leviticus (Vayikra) 18:19  

T here can be lunacy without love, but is there any great love without a little lunacy?

Judaism quote 6543 | 

W hen you make a vow to God, tarry not in its discharge!

Judaism quote 6546 |  5:3  

T o boast of the help you gave a brother in need is to cancel the good of your deed.

Judaism quote 6549 | 

G od created the Evil Impulse, but He also created its antidote, the Torah.

Judaism quote 6551 |  Kiddushin 30 b  

W hatever has not happened in a thousand years may happen the next moment.

Judaism quote 6552 |  Ladino Proverb  

G od loves those who do not insist upon their privileges.

Judaism quote 6553 |  Pesachim 113a  

W hoso gains wealth, but not of right, will lose it in his prime.

Judaism quote 6554 |  Jeremiah (Yirmeyahu) 17:11  

T here be a banquet without preparations?

Judaism quote 6555 |  Shabbat  

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