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U phold the precepts and purify the mind.

Buddhism Quote n°8699 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 24 

T hey have brought forth the Bodhi heart and single-mindedly recite the name of Buddha Amitabha.

Buddhism Quote n°8698 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 24 

T hey treated all living beings as they were their own.

Buddhism Quote n°8697 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 2 

T heir minds constantly attended on the way of delivering living beings.

Buddhism Quote n°8696 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 2 

T hey were the unexpected friends of all manners of living beings.

Buddhism Quote n°8695 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 2 

H e constantly entertained compassion and forbearance for all sentient beings.

Buddhism Quote n°8694 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

H e guarded well his mental deeds and constantly kept himself pure and uncontaminated.

Buddhism Quote n°8693 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

H e guarded well his bodily deeds and never transgressed any precept.

Buddhism Quote n°8692 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

H e guarded well his oral deeds and never ridiculed other’s faults.

Buddhism Quote n°8691 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

A ccumulate merits and virtues.

Buddhism Quote n°8690 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

W ith genial looks and kind words, he exhorted, consoled and urged them forward.

Buddhism Quote n°8689 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

H e viewed all dharmas as change; he constantly dwelt on the Samadhi of Eternal Stillness.

Buddhism Quote n°8688 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

H e respected the Triple Jewel and attended on teachers and elders with veneration . . .

Buddhism Quote n°8687 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

H e disregarded all kinds of suffering and had little desire but constant contentment.

Buddhism Quote n°8686 | 
The Infinite Life Sutra, Chapter 8 

I n the future, the Buddhist scriptures and teachings will perish. But, out of pity and compassion, I will especially preserve this sutra and maintain it in the world for a hundred years more. Those beings who encounter it will attain deliverance in accord with their aspirations.

Buddhism Quote n°8081 | 
Translated by Hisao Inagaki. 

I 80 vow that when my life approaches its end, all obstructions will be swept away; I will see Amitabha Buddha, and be born in his land of Ultimate Bliss and Peace. When reborn in the Western Land, I will perfect and completely fulfill, without exception, these Great Vows, to delight and benefit all beings.

Buddhism Quote n°8080 | 
Ch.40, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
79 ????????????
80 “I” here refers to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

T he Buddha asks about perfect penetration. I would select none other than gathering in the six sense faculties through continuous pure mindfulness of the Buddha to obtain Samadhi. That is the foremost means.

Buddhism Quote n°8079 | 
Book 5, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

O n the causal ground, I78used mindfulness of the Buddha to be patient with the non-arising of both beings and dharmas. Now in this world I gather in all those who are mindful of the Buddha, and I bring them back to the Pure Land.

Buddhism Quote n°8078 | 
Book 5, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 
77 ????????????????? 78 “I” here and in the succeeding passage refers to Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva.

T he Bodhisattva Who Listens to the Sounds of All the World, with his magnifcent spiritual power, confers such abundant benefits as these. And so, living beings should always keep him in their hearts and hold his name in mind. If women seeking sons bow to and make offerings to the Bodhisattva Gwan Shr Yin, they will give birth to sons happy, virtuous, and wise. If instead, they wish for daughters, they will bear gifted daughters with deep-rooted, wholesome characters, beloved and respected by all.

Buddhism Quote n°8077 | 
Universal Door Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

T herefore, every single living being should hold Gwan Shr Yin Bodhisattva’s name in mind. “Infinite Resolve! Suppose someone held the names of Bodhisattvas to the number of grains of sand in sixty-two million Ganges Rivers, and for this person’s entire life, made offerings to them all of food and drink, clothes, bedding, and medicine. What is your opinion? Would the merit and virtue accrued by that good man or woman be abundant?” Infinite Resolve replied, “Extremely abundant, World Honored One, very great indeed!” The Buddha said, “Yet if someone else held the name of Gwan Shr Yin Bodhisattva, bowed and made an offering but one time, the blessings of these two people would be identical, the same in every way, and would endure for quadrillions of aeons.”

Buddhism Quote n°8076 | 
Universal Door Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society. 

T here are two Bodhisattvas who are the most dignified; their majestic light shines everywhere in the universe of a thousand million worlds. Ananda asked, “What are the names of those two Bodhisattvas?” The Buddha replied, “One is called Avalokitesvara and the other, Mahasthamaprapta. They had both performed Bodhisattva practices in this world, and, at the end of their lives, were born by transformation in that Buddhaland.”

Buddhism Quote n°8075 | 
Translated by Hisao Inagaki. 

H aving been able to meet you, O Buddha, and also to hear the Name of Amitayus, we have all attained joy and illumination.

Buddhism Quote n°8074 | 
Translated by Hisao Inagaki. 

S ariputra, you should realize that it is extremely difficult for me to accomplish the heavy task of achieving the Unsurpassable Right and Full Enlightenment in the corrupt age of Five Obscurities and to preach to all worldlings such unbelievable teachings.

Buddhism Quote n°8073 | 
Translated by Yutang Lin. 

A jita, you should know that doubt and delusion will do bodhisattvas great harm and cause them to lose great benefit. Therefore, you should understand and believe the supreme wisdom of all Buddhas.

Buddhism Quote n°8072 | 
Translated by Pure Land Translation Team. 

I t is also difficult to hear the excellent teachings for Bodhisattvas, the Paramitas. Difcult too is it to meet a good teacher, to hear the Dharma and perform the practices. But most difcult of all difculties is to hear this sutra, have faith in it with joy and hold fast to it.

Buddhism Quote n°8071 | 
Translated by Hisao Inagaki. 

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