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G reat fortune and blessings will certainly come your way if you do good deeds that are unknown to others!

Daoism Quote n°9059 | 

R emote rewards will be blessed upon your descendants.

Daoism Quote n°9058 | 

I mmediate rewards may be experienced personally.

Daoism Quote n°9057 | 

R efrain from all wrongdoings, and do all that is good.

Daoism Quote n°9056 | 

L et your words be pleasant to other people's mind.

Daoism Quote n°9055 | 

D o things according to morality.

Daoism Quote n°9054 | 

C ontribute money to help others succeed.

Daoism Quote n°9053 | 

E xpound the moral maxims to correct the faults of others.

Daoism Quote n°9052 | 

D o not say one thing but believe another.

Daoism Quote n°9051 | 

P ass in silence over evil and praise all that is good.

Daoism Quote n°9050 | 

A void those who are wicked, to prevent disasters and calamities in life.

Daoism Quote n°9049 | 

S eek the friendship of those who are good, they will help you practise virtue in body and soul.

Daoism Quote n°9048 | 

B e cautious with fire and do not burn mountains or forests.

Daoism Quote n°9047 | 

G ive tea and water to those who thirst.

Daoism Quote n°9046 | 

D onate medicines to alleviate the sufferings of the sick.

Daoism Quote n°9045 | 

R eproduce and distribute scriptures, build and repair temples.

Daoism Quote n°9044 | 

B e magnanimous to your servants, it is not appropriate to be overly demanding.

Daoism Quote n°9043 | 

B e honest and fair in doing business, do not take more or give less than what you should.

Daoism Quote n°9042 | 

I f the harvest fails, provide for your neighbours and friends.

Daoism Quote n°9041 | 

I f your family is relatively wealthy, extend a helping hand to your relatives.

Daoism Quote n°9040 | 

R espect the elderly, and help the destitute.

Daoism Quote n°9039 | 

B e compassionate towards the desolate, and help the abandoned.

Daoism Quote n°9038 | 

A bide by the three teachings (Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism).

Daoism Quote n°9037 | 

F ulfill your four obligations (to parents, teachers, country and fellow mankind).

Daoism Quote n°9036 | 

B e loyal to your superiors, filial to your parents, respectful to your elders and siblings, and sincere to your friends.

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