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E ven if it became a heavenly celestial, it was unhappy, for want of right-belief. From there it came down to an immobile body. Thus the soul goes on wandering in the Universe.

Jainism Quote n°6318 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/17 

I n consequence of an equanimous submission to the fruition of Karmas, it may migrate to the bodies of the three Residential angels (Residential, Steller and Peripetatic). There it suffers from the devastating fire of sense-desires and is afflicted with lamentations on approach of death.

Jainism Quote n°6317 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/16 

D uring infancy it had not wisdom, during youth it was attached to young woman. Old age is akin to semi-death; and one dare not look at his own face.

Jainism Quote n°6316 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/15 

I t remained in the mother’s womb for nine months, and had to bear the pangs due to a contraction of limbs. At the time of birth the anguish was such that words fail to express it.

Jainism Quote n°6315 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/14 

T he severity of the appetite there, would not be satisfied even by the grains of the three worlds, but not a grain is available. Such agonies were suffered for oceans of time when as the result of some good action (the soul) obtained a human body.

Jainism Quote n°6314 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/13 

S ometimes being itself a weak animal it was eaten by strong ones. It suffered many troubles such as boring (in the nose), cutting (of tail), hunger, thirst, carrying heavy load, cold, heat, being bound up, being killed, pains which cannot be described by millions of tongues. Dying with an afflicted mind, it fell into the dreadful ocean of hell.

Jainism Quote n°6313 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/8 & 9 

T he achievement of the form of a mobile creature was as difficult as obtaining the desire-fulfilling jewel. Inhabiting the body on a worm, a bee etc., it suffered severe pain on death.

Jainism Quote n°6312 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/6 

I f you desire your welfare, listen to those (instructions) with an attentive mind, (all ye who are) worthy of liberation. Being intoxicated by the strong liquor of delusion since eternity the soul has forgotten its nature and has been wandering aimlessly in the world.

Jainism Quote n°6311 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/3 

A ll the infinite living beings in the three worlds desire happiness and are afraid of pain. The (spiritual) teacher, therefore, out of compassion, imparts instructions, which remove suffering and produce bliss.

Jainism Quote n°6310 | 
Chha Dhala, 1/2 

T hose who have assimilated the essence of the Jina’s word, are indifferent to the senses, have the wealth of austerity, are calm and bathed in the water of virtue, attain the bliss of the abode of the perfect.

Jainism Quote n°6309 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/38 

R ealisation, knowledge, faith, austerity and energy burn the old Karmas associated with the self like fire helped by wind.

Jainism Quote n°6308 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/34 

P oison kills a living being only once in a lifetime, (but) one who succumbs to sense indulgence wanders about in the wilderness of mundane existence (so facing death many times).

Jainism Quote n°6307 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/22 

M ercy to living beings, subjugation of the senses, truth, honesty, chastity, contentment, right faith, knowledge and austerity [constitute] the family of virtue.

Jainism Quote n°6306 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/19 

O ne may lack all, may be ugly and past the prime of life; if virtuous in conduct, one’s life as a human being is praise-worthy.

Jainism Quote n°6305 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/18 

I t is not fault of knowledge that bad dull-witted men becoming proud of their learning are engrossed in sense - gratification.

Jainism Quote n°6304 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/10 

T he Enlightened ones have said there is no difference between virtue and knowledge; only, without virtue the temptation of the senses kills knowledge.

Jainism Quote n°6303 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/2 

I f a person who does not understand the self studies a lot of scripture and observes various rules of conduct, that study and conduct is childish.

Jainism Quote n°6302 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/100 

B elief in a religion of compassion, in a God free from 18 blemishes, and in a preceptor, free from possessions is right faith.

Jainism Quote n°6301 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/90 

E ven-mindedness towards blame and praise, suffering and happiness, foe and friend, is right conduct.

Jainism Quote n°6300 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/72 

B ecause attachment to nonself is the cause of mundane existence, therefore the yogi always contemplates the self.

Jainism Quote n°6299 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/71 

S o long as a man does not know the self, he indulges in sense gratification; the yogi, averse from sense gratification, knows the self.

Jainism Quote n°6298 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/66 

K nowledge without austerity is useless, so also is austerity without knowledge; therefore knowledge should be combined with austerity to attain Nirvana.

Jainism Quote n°6297 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/59 

T he saint who entertains feelings of attachment to pleasing objects other than self is an ignorant man; the man of knowledge is the reverse of this.

Jainism Quote n°6296 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/54 

R ight conduct is the religion of the self; religion is even mindedness, which means freedom attachment and aversion, the soul’s very nature.

Jainism Quote n°6295 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/50 

T he soul free from pride, deceit, anger and greed and of a spotless nature attains supreme bliss.

Jainism Quote n°6294 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/45 

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