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I n the endless sea of mundane existence there is no point of space or time, no form of matter or life, no mode or species and no age which the soul has not made its own and given up.

Jainism Quote n°6268 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/35 

T hou hast swallowed all kinds of matter existing in the world without feeling appeased, even after eating again and again.

Jainism Quote n°6267 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/22 

O wing to sorrow at thy death, many different mothers have shed tears which exceeded the water in the ocean.

Jainism Quote n°6266 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/19 

G reat man, the milk you have sucked from the breast of various mothers in the endless cycle of births exceeded the water in the ocean.

Jainism Quote n°6265 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/18 

W ith fruition of Karmas stopped, with forgiveness and control of senses, with a body unadorned and unoiled, free from pride, attachment and aversion, such is renunciation said to be.

Jainism Quote n°6264 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 4/52 

A man may have knowledge (as a natural gift); a good man endowed with reverence acquires it. With knowledge one sees the goal of the path of liberation.

Jainism Quote n°6263 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 4/22 

A s a man without a bow and without an arrow cannot hit the target accurately, so a man without knowledge does not see the goal of the path of liberation.

Jainism Quote n°6262 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 4/21 

K nowledge attains the goal of the path of liberation, consisting of self control and fit for contemplation, therefore cultivate knowledge.

Jainism Quote n°6261 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 4/20 

T hus has been briefly described right living in two parts corresponding to faith and conduct as reflected in the knowledge of Him, without attachment.

Jainism Quote n°6260 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 3/44 

T he man of knowledge, established in (right conduct does not desire non-self (to be associated) with the self. He soon attains bliss beyond comparison; know this for certain.

Jainism Quote n°6259 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 3/43 

F aith, knowledge and conduct, learn these three with the greatest devotion. Knowing these, the yogis soon attain Nirvana.

Jainism Quote n°6258 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 3/40 

T o instruct good people, the great Jina has described knowledge and its true character, which is the self; know that well accordingly.

Jainism Quote n°6257 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 3/38 

C onquer ignorance and superstition by pure faith, and infatuation with its paraphernalia by the religion of non-injury.

Jainism Quote n°6256 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 3/15 

T here are eight attributes of righteous faith, freedom from fear (or doubt), desirelessness, freedom from disgust or hatred (humility), vision free from superstition, covering up the defects (of others i.e. charity), steadying (one-self and others in right faith), selfless love and glorification (of right faith).

Jainism Quote n°6255 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 3/7 

O ne who conducts himself in various deeds like a noble lion, and bears the weight (of responsibility) of a teacher, if devoid of restraint, falls into sin and becomes a nonbeliever.

Jainism Quote n°6254 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 2/9 

A person with (faith in) scripture is never lost; he may even through self-realisation get rid of mundane existence, though he may be without vision (to begin with).

Jainism Quote n°6253 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 2/4 

O ne versed in the scripture destroys birth and rebirth. A needle without thread is lost but not one with thread (Sutra means ‘Scripture’ as well as ‘thread’).

Jainism Quote n°6252 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 2/3 

H aving attained (through previous births) the status of man with high lineage, develop faith and achieve everlasting bliss and emancipation.

Jainism Quote n°6251 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/34 

F or man knowledge is supreme; higher still stands faith; faith leads to conduct and conduct to Nirvana.

Jainism Quote n°6250 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/31 

K nowledge, faith, austerity and conduct constitute self-control. The combination of these four leads to emancipation, so it is revealed in Jaina scripture.

Jainism Quote n°6249 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/30 

N o one worships the body, family, or case. Who worships a person without virtue? He is neither a holy recluse (Sramana) nor a pious layman (Saravaka).

Jainism Quote n°6248 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/27 

D o not venerate one who is without restraint, internal and external, (asanyat), nor one who is without clothing (but does not possess restraint): both these are alike (necessary). One (qualification) alone does not make a person a saint.

Jainism Quote n°6247 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/26 

A ct as far as you can and believe where you cannot; the all-knowing Jina has said belief is faith.

Jainism Quote n°6246 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/22 

O ne who knows good and evil avoids vice and also becomes virtuous. Reaping the fruit of virtue (in future birth), he eventually attains Nirvana.

Jainism Quote n°6245 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/16 

F rom right faith comes right knowledge; right knowledge shows the padarthas or categories, (in their true light); having known the categories, (the soul) sees what is good for it and what is bad.

Jainism Quote n°6244 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 1/15 

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