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W hat knows is knowledge, what sees is vision, renunciation of good as well as bad deeds is called (right) conduct.

Jainism Quote n°6293 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/37 

I t is good to attain heaven by vows and austerity, not torments of hell by their opposites. There is a great difference between sitting in the shade and sunshine as between observers of vows and their opposites.

Jainism Quote n°6292 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/25 

O ne who can walk a hundred yojanas in a day with a heavy load, can he not walk even half a kos on the earth with ease?

Jainism Quote n°6291 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/21 

T hose who, turning away from non-self, meditate upon the true self are men of right conduct; taking to the path of the great Jinas they attain Nirvana.

Jainism Quote n°6290 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/19 

F ree from the eight evil Karmas, incomparable, knowledge incarnate, everlasting, pure, - such a self, the Jina has said, is the true self.

Jainism Quote n°6289 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/18 

W hat is foreign to the true nature of the self, animate, inanimate, or a mixture of the two, is non-self; so has the omniscient truly said.

Jainism Quote n°6288 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/17 

A ttachment (to) non-self lowers one’s state of existence and (to) the true self verily better it; knowing this, be attached to the true self and averse from the other.

Jainism Quote n°6287 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/16 

A man devoted to spurious knowledge and entertaining false thoughts, when over-powered by delusion, even takes the body to be the self.

Jainism Quote n°6286 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/11 

(And) Looking upon other bodies, even if inanimate, as his own, appropriates and cherishes them with intense feeling.

Jainism Quote n°6285 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 6/9 

T hose free from attachment, pride, and conceit and endowed with a compassionate frame of mind cut through the pillar of sin with the sword of conduct.

Jainism Quote n°6284 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/159 

A s a lotus leaf is not wetted by water owing to its very nature, so a good man is not touched by passion and sense attraction owing to his mental attitude.

Jainism Quote n°6283 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/154 

E nergy, happiness, vision and knowledge, - these four attributes are manifested on the four destructive Karmas being destroyed, and the universe as well as the empty space beyond is illumined.

Jainism Quote n°6282 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/150 

B efore you are overpowered by old age, or the cell of your body is burnt by the fire of disease, or the senses impaired you, do what is good for the self.

Jainism Quote n°6281 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/132 

A s a burnt seed does not sprout on the Earth’s surface, so the burnt Karma seed of an ascetic of mental purity does not sprout into mundane existence.

Jainism Quote n°6280 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/126 

A s a torch burns in an inner room free from disturbance by wind, so does the torch of meditation burn when free from the wind of attachment.

Jainism Quote n°6279 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/123 

A ll sin and all merit, bondage and emancipation arise from motive; so it has been stated in the Jina’s scripture.

Jainism Quote n°6278 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/116 

T hus knowing the virtue of forgiveness, forgive all living beings in three ways (thought, word and deed), and put out the fire of anger, harboured for long, with the water of noble forgiveness.

Jainism Quote n°6277 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/109 

O ne not established in religion harbours sin and is like the flower of a sugarcane which neither bears fruit nor has any useful properties.

Jainism Quote n°6276 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/71 

W hat is the use of receipting or listening to (the scripture) without mental purity? Mental attitude is the cause of piety in a householder or a homeless ascetic.

Jainism Quote n°6275 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/66 

A s a stone is not pierced through if kept in water for a long time, even so is the saint not affected by calamities and hardships.

Jainism Quote n°6274 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/95 

T he Jina had said that the soul is of the nature of knowledge and is possessed of consciousness; know that soul in order to destroy Karmas.

Jainism Quote n°6273 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/62 

H e who contemplates the soul in its true nature with pure thoughts gets rid of old age and death and attains Nirvana for certain.

Jainism Quote n°6272 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/61 

I give up egotism, I am poised in selflessness, my refuge is the self, I renounce all else.

Jainism Quote n°6271 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/57 

F ree from attachment to body etc., completely free from pride, the self absorbed in the self, - such is the saint of mental purity.

Jainism Quote n°6270 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/56 

O ne free from hankering is really free, not one free from brothers etc. and friends; brave man, think thus and get rid of internal smelled.

Jainism Quote n°6269 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 5/43 

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