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T he self that has developed equanimity, if endowed with pure activities, attains heavenly happiness.

Jainism Quote n6380 | 
Pravachansara, 1/11 

H e, who is detached from all injurious actions, observes threefold control (of body, mind and speech) and restrains his senses, (is said to have) steadfast equanimity according to the preaching of the omniscient.

Jainism Quote n6379 | 
Niyamsara, 9/125 

F reedom of thought-activity from lust, pride, deceit, and greed, etc., is purity of thought (Bhavashuddhi). So has been preached to the deserving souls by the perceivers of universe and non-universe.

Jainism Quote n6378 | 
Niyamsara, 7/112 

H e, who avoiding the wrong path, firmly walks in the right path of the Conquerors (Jinas) is said to have repentance because he himself is the embodiment of repentance.

Jainism Quote n6377 | 
Niyamsara, 5/86 

I am neither anger, nor pride, nor deceit, nor greed. I am neither the doer, nor do I make others do, nor am I the approver of the doers.

Jainism Quote n6376 | 
Niyamsara, 5/81 

H e, who having renounced backbiting, ridiculing, talking ill of others, self-praising and harsh words, speaks what is good for himself as well as for others (is said) to have carefulness in speech (Bhasha Samiti).

Jainism Quote n6375 | 
Niyamsara, 4/62 

T he carrier of the load of (right) conduct, i.e., a saint, who having first formed the idea of being unconcerned with all worldly attachments, renounces them is said to observe the fifth vow of possessionlessness, (Parigraha Tyaga).

Jainism Quote n6374 | 
Niyamsara, 4/60 

H e, who having seen the beauty of a woman, is not moved by a desire for her; or whose thoughtactivity is free from sex-animate feeling (Maithuna Sanjna), (is said observe) the fourth vow (chastity), Brahmacharya.

Jainism Quote n6373 | 
Niyamsara, 4/59 

H e, who renounces the thoughtactivity of picking up articles belonging to another, lying in a village, a town or a forest, (is said) to observe the third vow (nonstealing), Achaurya.

Jainism Quote n6372 | 
Niyamsara, 4/58 

A saint, who renounces thoughtactivity leading to telling falsehood, on account of delusion, attachment and aversion is (said) to observe always the second vow, (truth), Satya.

Jainism Quote n6371 | 
Niyamsara, 4/57 

T hought-activity free from (all) undertakings (injurious to any of) the mundane souls (which are) known as existing in (any of the various) physiques, nuclei, soulclasses, soul-quests, etc., is the first vow (non-injury) Ahimsa.

Jainism Quote n6370 | 
Niyamsara, 4/56 

C ommon people, seeing someone looted, in the way, say, the way is looted, but no way whatsoever is (really) looted.

Jainism Quote n6369 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/63 

T he saints, the knowers of reality, call him a conqueror of delusion, who, having conquered delusion, realizes the soul (as) full of its own inherent knowledge.

Jainism Quote n6368 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/37 

I f that (soul) becomes mattersubstance, the other (i.e., matter) will gain soulness. Then (you) can say that this matter-substances (is) mine.

Jainism Quote n6367 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/30 

T hat the soul always (possesses) the characteristics of conscious attentiveness, is seen in the knowledge of the all - knowing. How can the soul be the matter, which thou says it is mine?

Jainism Quote n6366 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/29 

T he soul whose intellect is deluded by wrong knowledge and (which is) with many kinds of thought-activity, says of the matter-substance (whether it is) bound or not bound (with the soul), this is mine.

Jainism Quote n6365 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/28 

T hus the wrong-believer indulges in such perverse thought activity of soul. But a right-believer, knowing the real standpoint, does not so indulge.

Jainism Quote n6364 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/27 

I t was mine formerly, I (was) its in the past time. (It) will again be mine; I also will be it.

Jainism Quote n6363 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/26 

O ther foreign substance, living, non-living, or mixed is I, I am it. I am of them; and they are mine.

Jainism Quote n6362 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/25 

M editation verily must be performed in (right) belief, knowledge and conduct. But they all three (are) the soul, therefore perform meditation in the (pure) soul (itself).

Jainism Quote n6361 | 
Samaya Sara, 1/11 

T hose who have assimilated the essence of the Jinas word, are indifferent to the senses, have the wealth of austerity, are calm and bathed in the water of virtue, attain the bliss of the abode of the perfect.

Jainism Quote n6309 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/38 

R ealisation, knowledge, faith, austerity and energy burn the old Karmas associated with the self like fire helped by wind.

Jainism Quote n6308 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/34 

P oison kills a living being only once in a lifetime, (but) one who succumbs to sense indulgence wanders about in the wilderness of mundane existence (so facing death many times).

Jainism Quote n6307 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/22 

M ercy to living beings, subjugation of the senses, truth, honesty, chastity, contentment, right faith, knowledge and austerity [constitute] the family of virtue.

Jainism Quote n6306 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/19 

O ne may lack all, may be ugly and past the prime of life; if virtuous in conduct, ones life as a human being is praise-worthy.

Jainism Quote n6305 | 
Ashta Pahuda, 8/18 

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