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W hatever good or evil Karmas are accumulated by a soul, associated with those very Karmas, it proceeds on to assume the next birth.

quote 6239  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 36/658 

T he mental attitude through which the soul perceives and knows the objects that come into its experience and is attached to them; it comes into bondage due to the same.

quote 6238  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 36/656 

T he molecules are capable of being transformed into Karma as a result of the thought activity of the Jiva, yet this transformation is not caused by Jiva itself.

quote 6237  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 36/655 

T he universe is fully occupied by these subtle as well as gross molecules. Some of them are capable of being transformed into the karmic particles while others are not.

quote 6236  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 36/654 

A n atom is unextended. Due to its being unextended, it is devoid of sound, and it is either smooth or rough, i.e., with positive or negative charges. When the atoms are conjoined, they become subject to experience.

quote 6235  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 36/652 

T he state of emancipation is free from all obstacles and sense-organs, unique, devoid of merit and demerit, devoid of rebirth, eternal, immobile and independent.

quote 6234  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/623 

W here there is neither Karma, nor quasi-Karma, nor the worry, nor any type of thinking which is technically called Artta, Raudra, Dharma and Sukla, there is Nirvana.

quote 6233  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/619 

W here there are neither sense organs, nor surprise, nor sleep, nor thirst, nor hunger, there is emancipation.

quote 6232  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/618 

W here there is neither pain nor pleasure, neither suffering nor obstacle, neither birth nor death, there is emancipation.

quote 6231  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/617 

T he soul , l iberated from the Karmic pollution, ascends the top of the Universe and there enjoys transcendental infinite bliss, possessing all knowledge and all perception (i. e., being omniscient).

quote 6230  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/614 

I t has been asserted by the Jinas that one who has not controlled the influx of the Karmas, does not achieve liberation by practising austerities only; just as the water of a pond does not dry completely, if the sources of the inlet of water are kept open.

quote 6229  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/611 

J ust as the water of a huge pond gradually dries by blocking the way of the inlet of water, drawing out its previous water and by sun heat, in the same way, the Karmas of the self-restrained, accumulated during crores of births, get destroyed by blocking the entrance of sinful deeds and by austerities.

quote 6228  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/609 & 610 

T here is a continuous inflow of the Karmas through the doors of influx, i.e., violence etc., just as a boat with holes sinks in the sea due to the inflow of water, so does the soul.

quote 6227  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/602 

A person, having lost his selfawareness due to attachment and aversion, remains enslaved by the senses. His doors of karmic influx being open, he commits Karmas continuously through three fold means, i.e., mind, body and speech.

quote 6226  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/601 

P raising oneself, picking up faults even with those who are worthy of worship and maintaining inimical attitude for a pretty long time, these are the characteristics of persons possessed of intense passions.

quote 6225  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/600 

A lways speak words which are dear (to others), even those wicked men who use harsh words ought to be forgiven; one must take the best from all people, these are illustrative of persons possessed of subdued passions.

quote 6224  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/599 

A ttachment binds the soul (with Karmas); a soul, which is free from attachments, becomes liberated from Karmas. Know that this surely is briefly (the nature of) the Karmic bondage of souls.

quote 6223  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/596 

T he soul is not perceptible to the senses as it has no corporal form; it is eternal since it has no corporal form; due to internal activities like the passions, Karma binds the soul; and it is said that bondage is the cause of mundane existence.

quote 6222  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/595 

A soul is characterised by consciousness; is eternal, immortal, different from the body (in which it is embodied), formless, an agent, and the door and enjoyer of his own Karmas (i.e., fruits of his actions).

quote 6221  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/592 

T ruth, emancipation, the nature of substance, the highest reality, the supreme pure goal, all these words convey the same meaning.

quote 6220  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/590 

T herefore, a wise person, considering that most of the ways of living result in entanglements of (mundane) existence, should search for truth with (the aid of) his own soul and develop affection towards all living beings.

quote 6219  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/589 

A ll persons who are ignorant suffer misery; most of those who are foolish will remain confounded in this endless mundane existence.

quote 6218  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 34/588 

F ix (your) soul on the path of liberation and meditate on the soul only; always be engrossed in it and not in any other substance.

quote 6217  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 33/585 

O ne who is born in a royal family and performs his (military) exercises regularly will become competent to win all wars: similarly a monk who regularly engages himself in meditation and practise of the vows of monastic life, conquers his mind, and will become competent to practice meditation at his death.

quote 6216  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 33/583 & 584 

A wise person who is free from anxiety dies a peaceful death once; by such death, he immediately puts an end to an infinite number of deaths.

quote 6215  |   Jinendra Varni
Saman Suttam, 33/571 

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