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V isiting is like rain: prayed for when absent, but tiresome when overdone.

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I can retract what I did not say, but I cannot retract what I already have said.

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M y soul shall declare to Thee that Thou art her Maker,
And shall testify that Thou art her creator, 0 Lord.
At Thy word, "Be, 0 soul," she took on existence,
And from Thy Emptiness Thou didst draw her forth as light from the eye.
It was Thee who didst breathe in her life; I shall proclaim and affirm this with uplifted hands.
And therefore she shall pour out her thanks and give witness that she was bidden to do so by Thee.
While yet in the body, she serves Thee as a handmaid;
And on that day when she returns to the land from whence she came,
In Thee will she dwell, for in Thee is her being.
Whether she sits or rises, Thou art with her the same.
She was Thine before she was born and breathing;
She was nourished by Thee with wisdom and knowledge,
And it is to Thee she looks for her guidance and sustenance,
Grateful to Thee for her water and bread.
She looks only to Thee, and hopes only for Thee.

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The Royal Crown; Zangwill, 1923, 1974; pp. 3-5 

I have sought Thee daily at dawn and at twilight, I have stretched forth my hands to Thee, and lifted up my face;
Now my thirsty heart cries out to Thee, like the beggar who cries at my door for grace.
The infinite heights are too small to contain Thee, yet, if Thou wilt, Thou mayst make Thy abode in my heart.
Shall my heart not treasure this hope of harboring Thee, or shall I not entreat Thee till my tongue can call no more?
Nay, I will surely worship Thy name, till my nostrils no longer breathe.

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The Royal Crown; Zangwill, 1923, 1974; pp. 16 

O Lord! who can come near to understanding That which is above the sphere of the Intelligence, the Throne of Thy glory, the glorious dwelling of the Hiding Place! There is the Mystery and the Foundation; the intellect may reach to the Foundation (the Will), but no further, for above this Thou art greatly exalted upon Thy mighty Throne, where no man's intellect may reach…

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The Royal Crown; Zangwill, 1923, 1974; pp. 82-88 

T hou art wise, and Wisdom, which is the Fountain of Life, floweth from Thee; and compared with Thy Wisdom, the knowledge of all mankind is folly. Thou art wise, and didst exist prior to all the most ancient things; and Wisdom was born of Thee. Thou art wise, and hast not learned aught from another, nor acquired Thy Wisdom from anyone else. Thou art wise; and from Thy Wisdom Thou didst cause to emanate a ready Will, an agent and artist as it were, to draw being from out of the Void, as light proceeds from the eye. Thou drawest from the Source of light without an intermediary, and producest everything without a means…

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The Royal Crown; Zangwill, 1923, 1974; pp. 82-88 

T hou art God, who by Thy Divinity supportest all things formed; and upholdest all creatures by Thy Unity. Thou art God, and there is no distinction between Thy Godhead, Unity, Eternity or Existence; for all is one mystery; and although each of these attributes is variously named, yet all of them point to One.

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The Royal Crown; Zangwill, 1923, 1974; pp. 82-88 

T hou art Light, and the eyes of every pure soul shall see Thee; for the clouds of iniquity alone hide Thee from her sight... Thou art most high, and the eye of the intellect desireth and longeth for Thee, but the intellect can see only a part; it cannot see the whole of Thy greatness…

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The Royal Crown; Zangwill, 1923, 1974; pp. 82-88 

T hou art One, the first of every number, and the Foundation of all structure. Thou art One, and in the mystery of the Unity all the wise in heart are astonished; for they can not define it. Thou art One, and Thy unity can neither be lessened nor augmented; for nothing is there wanting or superfluous. Thou art One, but not such a One as is numbered; for neither plurality nor change, nor form, nor physical attribute, nor name expressive of Thy nature, can reach Thee…

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The Royal Crown; Zangwill, 1923, 1974; pp. 82-88 

S ometimes it will seem to you that you are a part of it by reason of your connection with corporeal substance; and sometimes you will think you are all [forms], and that there is no difference between you and them, on account of the union of your being with their being, and the consubstantiality of your form and their forms...

When you have raised yourself to [awareness of] the first universal matter ... and fathomed its shadowy nature, then you will see the Wonder of wonders. Therefore, pursue this diligently and with love, because this is the purpose of the existence of the human soul, and in this is great delight and extreme happiness.

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Fons Vitae, III.204 

I f you wish to form a picture of the [divine] Substance, you must raise your intellect to the last [substance] intelligible. You must purify it from all sordid sensibility, free it from the captivity of nature and approach with the force of your intelligence to the last limit of intelligible substance that it is possible for you to comprehend, until you are entirely divorced from sensible substance and lose all knowledge thereof. Then you will embrace, so to speak, the whole corporeal world in your being, and will place it in one corner of your being. When you have done this you will understand the insignificance of the sensible in comparison with the greatness of the intelligible. Then the spiritual substance will be before your eyes, comprehending you and superior to you, and you will see your own being as though you were that substance.

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Fons Vitae, III.204 

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