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W hat matters in Man’s life is the eternal life in the world to come.

Judaism quote 6631 | 

A wifeless man is not a man.

Judaism quote 6632 |  Yevamot  

J ust as the reward is great, so is the punishment.

Judaism quote 6634 | 

M ay my death atone for all my sins!

Judaism quote 6635 |  Berakhot  

O ne does not try to placate an angry man.

Judaism quote 6638 |  Berakhot  

T here is no peace, says the Lord, unto the wicked.

Judaism quote 6639 |  Isaiah (Yesha’yahu) 48:22  

N ot the expounding of the Law is the important matter but the doing of it.

Judaism quote 6641 |  1:17  

W here there’s music, pour not out talk.

Judaism quote 6642 |  Apocrypha: Ben Sira  

W ho is a hero? The man that turns an enemy into a friend.

Judaism quote 6643 |  Avot  

H ate is like a channel made by water: it widens continually.

Judaism quote 6644 |  Sanhedrin 7a  

A nger and wrath are angels of destruction.

Judaism quote 6646 |  Talmud Yerushalmi, Ta’anit  

M edicaments have multiplied just as diseases have.

Judaism quote 6649 | 

I t is better to be humble with the lowly than to share spoils with the proud.

Judaism quote 6651 |  16:19  

E ven if a man is a rabbi, when his father enters, the son must rise [in the presence of his pupils].

Judaism quote 6652 |  Horayot 13b  

N o pupil will attend to his lessons properly unless he respects his teacher.

Judaism quote 6653 | 

M any have drunk from this cup of mourning and many will drink.

Judaism quote 6654 |  Ketubot  

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