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T he begger is hungry and does not know it.

Judaism quote 6607 |  Megillah  

W retched the creatures that see and know not what they see.

Judaism quote 6608 |  Chagigah  

T here used to be a very good custom in Jerusalem: a table-cloth was spread at the door ––– so long as it was in place, guests would enter the house. When it was removed, they would not.

Judaism quote 6610 |  Bava Batra  

D ive into the sea of thought, and find there pearls beyond price.

Judaism quote 6611 | 

A man’s character is revealed in three things: in his cup, in his purse, and in his anger.

Judaism quote 6612 |  Eiruvin  

A ny time of the day is good for confession.

Judaism quote 6614 |  Talmud Yerushalmi, Yoma  

T o ransom prisoners is a splendid act of piety.

Judaism quote 6617 |  Bava Batra  

T he man who divorces is not in the same situation as a woman divorced.

Judaism quote 6618 |  Yevamot  

B lessed is the son who studies with his father, and blessed is the father who teaches his son.

Judaism quote 6621 | 

T he recompense of virtue is virtue, and sin’s reward is sin.

Judaism quote 6622 |  4:2  

A man is lucky if his wife, his studies and his livelihood all come from his own town.

Judaism quote 6623 |  Midrash Mishle  

E ven the mundane talk of scholars needs study.

Judaism quote 6627 |  Avoda Zara  

J erusalem was destroyed just because school-children were kept from their classrooms.

Judaism quote 6628 |  Shabbat  

E ven if all of a slander is not believed, half of it is.

Judaism quote 6629 |  Midrash Genesis R. 56:4  

W hether you do little or much, let it be out of good intentions.

Judaism quote 6630 |  Shavuot  

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